Why Mushrooms Are Making You Fat And How To Cook

Why Mushrooms Are Making You Fat And How To Cook Them The Right Way.

Mushrooms can get significant in energy tremendous fast…

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00:00 How to cook Mushrooms
01:51 Very low Calorie Creamy Mushroom Sauce
03:41 Macros/Energy

Macros creamy garlic hen: 312 Calories, 16C, 9F, 42P
– 250g Mushrooms
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 150g skinless chicken breast
– 1 laughing cow wedge
– 4g starch
– 8g vegetable broth powder
– 100g water
– salt, pepper

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23 thoughts on “Why Mushrooms Are Making You Fat And How To Cook Them The Right Way.”

  1. trying this tonight, can I use actual vegetable / chicken broth instead of the powder? if so how much compared to the 8 grams of powder?

  2. Very well pointed BUT there is an easier way to cook them without soaking with oil or even water.
    You just cut them a bit thinner than you did, give it a good pinch of salt and cook on low heat while covered with lid. The mushrooms already have their water/ juice so if you cook them like that, they should "sweat" in 5-6 minutes. Then you can add a few puffs of oil spray and spices and keep cooking another 2-3 minutes. Be careful though, the juice can evaporate pretty fast without the lid.

  3. Looks good bro, thanks for the recipe. I cook mushrooms in a similar way, except I've never added laughing cow cheese to my mushrooms. Instead I usually add chopped onions, some thyme and a little splash of wine. It looks nice and creamy with the cheese, I might try it some time. Good amount of protein and surprisingly low calories.

  4. Your channel is amazing thank you for all these tips and tricks!! I am trying to get back into shape and looking for tasty low calorie recipe because my wife is not happy about “chicken, brown rice, and broccoli” diet haha

  5. Best way to cook mushrooms is to put them in a dry hot pan with no oil, no water! Let them release all the water they till they are super thing, then add very little oil just to brown them for max 2 minutes.
    Your technique is not the best cause the mushrooms look slimy because they suck in all the extra water you put in.

  6. I'm not sure how practical sauteing mushrooms for 45 minutes is, I also don't think it needs that much time at all. For me it's usually more like 5-15mins (depending on piece size). Once the water turns brown it means the tissue is breaking down. You can then let the water evaporate and then add the oil once the pan starts getting dry.

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