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What’s the secret to keeping heavy whipping cream on stock? A lot of recipes cal…

What’s the secret to keeping heavy whipping cream on stock? A lot of recipes call for it as if you’re just going to have some on hand. I use it maybe once a week or so. I try buying the small cartons but it’ll be bad by the next time I want to use it and I won’t have enough, but if I buy the big carton it won’t all get used. I’m probably over thinking this but it just seems like I always need it and never have it but then it’s always going bad in the fridge.

Is there a quick good alternative you make when you don’t have any? I’ve subbed cream cheese before but it definitely changes the flavor.

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  1. I freeze the cream in ice cube trays and store it in plastic baggie in the freezer for future use .

  2. Paige Marie May

    I use it a few times a week personally and large or small it doesn’t go bad. Could use in coffee if you have extra. I make Mac and cheese sauce with butter, heavy cream and cheese, I use a tad on my hassleback chicken breasts that I put mushrooms and orange pepper in and add mozz on top, I use it when I make soups and want them creamy, ie chicken noodle, tomato soup. If a recipe calls for while milk I might do a milk of heavy cream and 2%. Can add cocoa powder and a bit of sugar, shake in a mason jar until it is barely moving and freeze for homemade ice cream, try diff things in it for ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, etc. If I am making biscuits n gravy from scratch, brown sausage, drain most grease add a bit of butter and then add flour, mix in then whish in heavy cream and some 2% and add pepper. I really just add it anytime it calls for milk and I wanna make it more rich I’ll mix a bit of both

  3. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but trader Joe’s has small shelf stable Whipped cream in cartons

  4. Felicia Tolman

    Freeze it! Mine is always kept in the freezer, I’ll put a layer of plastic wrap over the top before putting the lid back on. It stays good for months that way.

  5. I substitute evaporated milk a lot of times if it doesn’t have to be whipped for the recipe.

  6. Sierra Xylina Scheidt

    I will have whipping cream open for a week or 2 at times and it doesn’t go bad. Is your fridge cold enough? I use it in coffee, tea, Alfredo, other cream sauces, Scrambled eggs, soups like tomato or potato, lots if Indian food, scalloped potatoes. Lots of things.

  7. I have seen it on Amazon and it is in power form. That to me is an excellent way to go.

  8. I used to have that problem too, I don’t use it much anymore. But when you just have a little left, whip it up and use it to top a dessert or coffee for a day or too. Of course you should also check expiration dates when you purchase to get the freshest one. And I found the store prices vary a lot on whipping cream. I also love my own fresh butter, and that’s my favorite way to use it up

  9. Kayla Terneuzen

    I saw a video where they took the cream, put it in silicone cupcake liners, froze it, then pulled one out when a recipe called for it!

  10. Buy frozen raspberries & pour the left over cream on it with a smidge of sugar- wonderful treat!

  11. Angela Elrod Saurel

    I google substitutes if I don’t have it on hand. I’ve made the butter and milk substitute combination before and it worked out. I make my buttermilk out of vinegar and regular milk too.

  12. Mary Schneider

    If you make whipped cream with powdered sugar instead of regular white sugar, it holds up MUCH longer.

  13. Paula Strawbridge

    I discovered on the internet, that although whipped cream doesn’t freeze well, if you add a carton of custard it changes the makeup of it and freezes well. It then becomes ice cream. I some times put raspberries in it too.

  14. Star Mae McDaniel

    Heavy whipping cream doesnt go bad that quick. Mine lasts like a month or more date wise. I use it a lot in cooking though so I keep a big container of it on hand at all times

  15. I use half and half instead of heavy cream in recipes. But I use half and half in my coffee so I always have on hand.

  16. Trader Joe’s had cartons of hea y whipping cream that was shelf stable for a few months.
    Tasted the same as regular cream when i whipped it up.

  17. Melissa Parker Dickinson

    it keeps for a long time. it will thicken as it sits. pour into glass and smell if it’s smells ok it is. the cartons will smell sour doesn’t mean the cream is bad

  18. Kasey MacAllister

    What is this leftover cream of which you speak????? Use it up in mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, coffee, add whipped cream to dessert, make a small batch of no-churn ice cream. You can also freeze blobs of whipped cream on parchment or wax paper; when froze store in a plastic bag. Add the frozen blobs directly to desssert, or snack on them ;-p!

  19. I use half and half instead for most my recipes. We always have it on hand since we use it in the coffee also. Doesn’t effect my recipes

  20. Olivia Weekley

    I just buy half and half instead. I can use it for my coffee every day, then I have it for recipes that need it. If it calls for heavy whipping cream I just sub half and half.

  21. Angie Wensmann Boecker

    Pull from the rear of the dairy case. There you will usually find the longest expiration date

  22. Stacie Garrett

    You should be able to substitute milk and butter combined for most recipes if you’re cooking with it (Heavy cream is just higher fat content milk after all!) – I would use google to find the right amounts – I want to say it’s one part butter to 3 parts milk – but you’d have to double check that….

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