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What’s something I can take to a ladies potluck, that is inexpensive, easy to ma…

What’s something I can take to a ladies potluck, that is inexpensive, easy to make and yummy?!

thank for the original creator Debbie H Collins

28 thoughts on “What’s something I can take to a ladies potluck, that is inexpensive, easy to ma…”

  1. Fruit tray
    Veggie Tray
    Cheese and cracker tray
    Meat Tray
    Spinach dip

    Pasta salad
    7 layer salad
    Broccoli Salad

    Cocktail weenies-crockpot

  2. Chocolate covered strawberries.
    Pasta salad
    Cucumber sandwiches on the mini rye bread.
    BLT dip with toast points

  3. Baked corn – box of corn bread mix, 8 oz container of sour cream, can of corn drained, and can of cream corn.

  4. Kris Thompson Kloeblen

    Ladies eat first with their eyes. Deviled eggs would be perfect…..make them pretty and you won’t have leftovers. 🌺💕😉

  5. Kathleen Davenport

    Well it’s a to taste recipe. I do 6 cucumbers, one Valdia onion.
    First, Peel, cut up in slice both cucumbers and onion. Secondly, place them in a big bowl. Next soak in salt water for at least 8 hours over night is the best in the refrigerator.
    After that, drain the water from the cucumbers and onion.
    Now, add one container of sour cream and then slowly add small amounts of white vinegar and stir.
    Stir the mixture until the sour cream is thin (but runny) enough to cover all cucumbers and onion.
    Then, add a small amount of course black pepper on top. over and chill for 4 hours or so.

  6. Pam Weatherford Jordan

    A tub of cracked pepper cream corn from the frozen section. Add butter and a splash of milk. It’s the best corn ever. Everyone loves it!! Literally 2 dollars

  7. Jenny Kopacz Linkenheld

    Crab salad! Always a hit and great as an appetizer with crackers or a sandwich on a croissant!

  8. Sausage balls
    1lb sausage
    Block cream cheese
    Box red lobster biscuit mix
    Shredded sharp cheddar about a cup
    Mix and make into 2 inch balls. Bake 400 for 10-15 minutes.

  9. Emogene Clevenger

    Cucumber and sliced onions with salt and pepper, and ranch seasoning. Use as a salad, or a side dish and watch it disappear

  10. Cheryl Cabana Clark

    In Florida we had them once a month & more desserts than anything else by far. So I always took something with protein. One they especially liked was Pea Salad with with ham cubes, boiled eggs, bacon crumbles & purple onion with a quick dressing of Miracle Whip, a squirt of Dijon mustard & Ranch dressing. Every bit was always gone!

  11. Tammy Holman Marlowe

    Crock Pot Cobbler! Only 3 ingredients! Super easy…you will need : 2 cans pie filling (apple, peach, cherry etc), 1 box cake mix (white or yellow), 1 stick butter (or margarine)…..pour pie filling into bottom of crock spreading evenly, pour cake mix on top of filling spreading evenly but not mixing, cut butter into pats and place on top..put top on, cook on high for 2 1/2 hours…all done !! Really good!! Don’t forget crock pot liners for easy clean-up!

  12. Michelle Moser Whitfield

    Chicken green bean alfredo…. 6 oz fettuccine ( I didn’t have the first time I made this so I used spaghetti noodles), 1 1/4 cup alfredo sauce ( a 14 or 16 oz jar if you want a little more sauce), your choice of flavor, 2 cans (14.5 oz) del Monte cut green beans, drained, 1 6-8 oz bag of the cooked/grilled chicken strips cut into bite-sized pieces, 2 Tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, 1 Tablespoon dried basil. Cook pasta per pkg directions, drain and return to saucepan. In separate saucepan heat the sauce, green beans, and chicken, stir occasionally. When heated through, mix in with the pasta. Sprinkle with the parmesan cheese and basil. Serve alone or with a salad or other vegetable of choice, and garlic bread. This is quick and easy. Takes about 15 to 20 minutes total in prep and cooking.

  13. Cottage pie. Brown ground meat. Add chopped onions salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Add a large can of spaghetti sauce. In a casserole dish put a layer of frozen mixed veggies or a couple cans of mixed veggies drained. Put meat layer on top, cover with instant mashed potatoes, sprinkle a good layer of shred cheese on top. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 35 minutes.

  14. Karisa Yturralde

    Throw 2 bags of frozen original meat balls, Jelly and sriracha into a crock pot let cook bring some tooth picks and done!
    More jelly less sriracha if you don’t want a lot of heat.

    Or the meatballs and a bottle of teriyaki sauce tooth picks done!

  15. Michelle Bombard Marsala

    Cheese ball. 2 cups of shredded cheddar. Tbs dry ranch , 1 cup chopped bacon, 8 oz softened cream cheese. Mix 1 1/2 cups cheese 3/4 cup of bacon and the rest of ingredients well and roll into a ball. Mix the rest of bacon and cheese together and roll the ball in it. Refrigerate for an hour and serve with crackers.

  16. Nicole Richardson

    Watermelon salad: Cut Watermelon into cubes or balls whichever you prefer, basil, feta cheese(I use goat cheese) you can use any kind of crumble kind of cheese really and drizzle balsamic glaze on top, so refreshing and delicious.

  17. Connie Gallo Hartmann

    Roll ups
    Turkey/cheese/Tomatoes/ etc.
    Sub sandwich dressing sprinkled on and or mayo/mustard
    All on a flour tortilla..there are some awesome flavored like tomatoes basil and spinach ones also
    Roll up..cut in half they travel well. Look and taste awesome

  18. I always take chocolate chip cookies, when I don’t know what to take. I had someone tell me once, we will always take your cookies, never feel bad bringing cookies

  19. Funeral potatoes. I sub some of the sour cream with french onion dip. Add sour cream and cheddar chips on top.

  20. Teresa Toops Broseh

    Frozen cherry salad mix a can of cherry pie filling & a can of crushed pineapple (drained) with the juice of 1/2 a lemon, stir in a can of Eagle brand milk and a carton of cool whip. Spread in 9 x 13 baking dish and freeze. Serve frozen. I dip a knife in hot water to cut in squares or scoop in cupcake liners for individual servings.

  21. Carrie Smith-Wilson

    Evil dip- In a crockpot put Velveta cheese and rotelle tomatoes. I put my crock pot on medium at first then move the heat to low or warm after a hour or so. While those are softening fry up a pound of mild or spicy pork sausage crumbled. I put my sausage out on a paper towel so that it soaks up some of the grease. Then put the sausage in with the cheese and tomatoes and mix it up. I serve it with tortilla chips.

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