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What’s on everyone’s menu tonight for something CHEAP?

What’s on everyone’s menu tonight for something CHEAP?

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  1. Angela Dennison

    Scrabble eggs with polish sausage cut up small and I also add hash browns …take whatever soft taco shells either make burritos or I fry taco shells add and eat with a fork can add salsa or any fresh tomato onion or spinach have

  2. Melanie Ballentine Knutson

    Scrambled eggs with cheese and maybe some grits. Depends on how hot it gets today.

  3. Melissa Hatcher

    Straw hat!! Brown and drain hamburger meat warm up ranch style beans. Use Fritos and layer the chips meat and beans topped with cheese and sour cream! Cheap and takes 10 minutes tops!

  4. Hannah Leigh Pollard-Wilson

    Sale on Zuchinni & Corn. So I’m making alfreso pasta w/ those. Pasta is always cheap. Only cost like $4. And already made some Mexican corn chowder the other day.

  5. Angel Elizabeth Shappee

    Baked flatbread pizzas. You get 4 sheets of flatbread from Walmart for about $4, mozz cheese (or your preference), pasta or pizza sauce (whichever you think is cheaper/better) pepperoni, and any other toppings you want. I am using up some mushrooms I’ve had around for a while, and maybe some bell peppers/banana peppers and olives on mine.

  6. Leftover ground beef casserole
    Ground beef (2½ lbs for my family of 5)
    Elbow noodles or whichechever you prefer
    Cheese (I use whatever I have like shredded cheese throughout and then top it with slices& amount depending on your taste)
    Then bake it for maybe 10 minutes so everything gets hot again and your cheese is melted

  7. Layla Kapitanuk

    We don’t have much so we’re using the left overs in the pantry, like pack of noodles, canned corn, and tuna fish

  8. Abbé Charbonneau-Bateman

    I’m doing Philly sliders and fries!

    All from Aldi
    Hawaiian rolls $1
    Shaved steak $4
    1 onion $.50
    Half pack Swiss cheese $1
    1/2 stick of butter $.30
    Frozen fries, about 1/3 of the package, $.70

    $7 will feed 3 of us 😋

  9. Becky Surujbally

    Stuffed peppers and zucchini 😋
    tomorrow chicken sandwiches and Mac &cheese
    Wednesday sausage gravy and biscuits

  10. This is gonna sound weird probably but Hot Dog Ramen Spaghetti ….. $0.25 pack of Ramen (any flavor; 1 pk. Per person), a jar of spaghetti sauce (Walmart has them for $1.48/jar were I am), and a pack of hot dogs (you can use sausage if you want or ham cubes; it’s about $2.48/ 10ct here). Cook ramen as you like (I use the microwave but stove works too). Boil hot dogs. Heat up sauce. Then dice the meat and add to the noodles (you can add the seasoning if you want but I find it to be too salty) then spoon sauce over and mix. A little over $5 for a meal up to 4. EDIT: I make this a lot for my childcare kiddos as lunches and they absolutely love it!

  11. I’m making a California roll sushi bowl. Got some sushi rice seaweed smackers and imitation crab avocado and cucumbers instead of making it rolled just combining them all in a bowl only cost 10-15 dollars for 4 meals

  12. Amy Joy Schumer

    I made tuna patties last night. Canned tuna, egg (or egg replacer), flour, spinach (I use the cheap frozen kind, cook it and squeeze out the moisture before adding it), lime juice from concentrate, salt and pepper. Pan-fried in corn oil. Tonight is probably salmon patties done the same way.

  13. Due to the extreme heat this week….simple sandwiches & chips tonight. Too hot to cook and there is a variety of ways to build the perfect sandwich 😋

  14. Amanda K Thomas

    And last night I made “queso” rice..

    Browned off some breakfast sausage( you can use hamburger as well I just use sausage in my Rotel queso dip when I make it), mixed in three packs of the Velveeta cheese sauce you could also just use regular Velveeta that’s just what I had, a can of Rotel and white rice mixed it all together you can eat it by itself or I made little burritos and grilled them on my Blackstone (a skillet would work for that too)

  15. chicken marinaded in Tennessee whiskey marinade sauce cut up on skewers grilled, shells and chese, and garlic bread

  16. Heather Massese

    Bacon and veg soup. Threw in all the veg I had (onion, zucchini, swede, carrot, celery and leek), some garlic, bacon, beef stock, and a can of tomatoes and boiled 45 mins then threw in half cup of pasta and cooked it 15 mins longer.

  17. Stuffed peppers: canned shredded chicken, shredded cheese, bell peppers then whatever toppings you’d like. I use sour cream, pico de gallo, and cilantro.

  18. Jennifer Wasson

    I’m making what I call ‘redneck lasagna’..cheese raviolis, hb meat, spaghetti sauce..brown hb meat with onions and bell peppers, drain, mix with spaghetti sauce til warm..put raviolis in pan, cover with sauce mixture, bake at 350 for about 30 minutes, then cover with cheese and heat until cheese melts..i serve with garlic toast. Yummy 😋

  19. Meatless Monday here. Cubed potatoes,zucchini,onions,peppers,tomatoes,all cooked in olive oil with garden herbs,will serve over rice.

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