What Will My Generator Make Me Draw Drawing Randomly

What Will My Generator Make Me Draw?! 😰 | Drawing Randomly Generated Characters!

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In this movie, I am drawing randomly generated people! I am coming up with these OCs centered off of what my random generator decides. I am producing these illustrations and character types in Clip Studio Paint. I will create a character turnaround sheet, some sketches to get to know the people, and ultimately a finished webcomic webpage.

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:00 Intro
:58 To start with Character Description
1:51 2nd Character Description
3:10 Girl Character Turnaround
6:35 Boy Character Turnaround
10:02 Let us get to know the characters
11:56 Skillshare
13:10 Let’s attract these figures!
18:20 finished effects!

48 thoughts on “What Will My Generator Make Me Draw?! 😰 | Drawing Randomly Generated Characters!”

  1. I really love the characters you made! Would you possibly do more art/videos about them? I want to learn more about them! How did Sully end up in the woods? What happens to him?

  2. AAAAH they're so cute!!! I'm sad that I missed this video…. I've always thought it was weird to draw 2 a sets of ears, even if the Cat ears are just part of the world dynamic…. Candise reminds me of my own bunny character named Benny, she had autism and a fox friend that took care of her

  3. You're probably not going to see this comment, but I think this would be really cool: What if Sully was autistic. It makes sense when you look at his character. He doesn't seem to like people all that much. He finds shoes uncomfortable, which could be a sensory issue. He's really smart about trees, like a special interest. And the phone could be a comfort object. Just something to consider. : )

  4. It would be so cute if Candice and Sullivan became best friends and Candice came to the forest to visit Sullivan also I think Sullivan would be raised by wolves so that’s why he could run so fast

  5. heres an idea for next the vid maybe draw your self in netflix series an here are the show s your could draw your self in avatar the last air and the cuphead show and the promissed neverland

  6. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! Their dynamic is so wholesome and makes me sooo happy. I already adore unlikely friendships/relationships (Simba with Timon and Pumbaa, the wolf (Legosi) and the bunny (Haru) in Beastars are good concrete examples) so this just precious to me. You were so lucky with all these character traits, caus they fit so well with the character while also complementing the other. I got so many ideas about them, and i wanna ask if it’s ok with u to share them? I see so much potential in them, so I really hope u revisit them in the future!

  7. Just a warning before you guys use the generator website because Rebekah didn’t mention it, there are some really weird ads and it’s also a not secure website so be careful if you decide to use it!

  8. I totally live all those cute clothes you found from pinterest! XD also the wolf boy is so cute! He reminds me of Amei from Wolf Children, but Amei's hair is short and dark blue.

  9. I imagine when candy and sully warm up to eachother, sully shows her the flip phone he carries around everywhere. Sully looks at her and motions to the phone, because he was still a little too shy to talk. Candy says “This? It’s a flip phone, my family has one at home…” she trails off because she misses her family after being in the forest with him for so long. He looks confused and turns his head to where the house is. He gets ready to run off, because the rabbits didn’t have a good relationship with wolves. So he ran away, but left Candy’s rabbit plush, so she hugs it and goes back home.

  10. I actually sent one of my OC's for Love2DrawManga for her to probably draw them in the future plus I did it by Gmail. Hopefully I got the right Gmail to send my OC in.

  11. I love the characters they are so cute and I think the story you made for them was really adorable! I really liked this video and it made you draw some characters in a different way than you are used to. You did an awesome job by the way 😂❤️

  12. OMG I love the storytelling and designs that came from this! Such a fun exercise. I'm an aspiring creator and getting used to CSP– may I ask what brush you're using? I love the thickness. And same for the word balloon assets, I would like to find a good set and would love to know what you're using!

  13. Omg Sullivan and candy that’s so cute!!!!!
    I want more of them 😭🥰

  14. They are sooo cuuute! I love reading mangas and manhwas (Korean comic) about kids and child raising themes especially if their is a tough and nonsocial character who has to take care of a child are one of my favorite themes. If you can you should have them make a cameo in your web comic series.

  15. Rebekah!!!!!!!
    I cant wait for your 700k special video (well if you were gonna do one💓)
    I hope you get to 1 million soon🥺💖💓

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