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31 thoughts on “What type of food could I do for a party of 50”

  1. Beth Morales-Nachman

    Maybe a large bowl of salad with different dressing. pan of Lasagna or spaghetti , and put some meatballs in a crockpot pot with hoagie rolls n cheese for meatball subs. This way there is more than 1 option of food

  2. vegetable tray
    fruit tray
    sausage sandwiches with peppers and onions
    parsley potatoes
    Cooked ham slices
    Cheese potatoes
    Crackers, meat & cheese tray
    tacos bar
    sloppy Joe’s
    pasta with red sauce
    pulled pork
    beans & rice
    salad and butter bread

  3. Charcuterie, build your own taco/baked potato/ nacho bar. Soups and salads,lettuce wraps with any sort of ground meat, I like turkey or beef.

  4. Kylee Camphouse

    Build your own sandwich bar or bulid your own baked potato bar or tater tot nachos are good buy a big bag or 2 of tatter tots bake them then have all the toppings for nachos on plates and platers and then let everyone make their own tatter tot nachos it’s so yummy

  5. Ribs green bean potato salad Cole slaw corn on the cob cake hamburger and hot dogs I done this my self with some help on my 60th birthday 70 if I live that long I’ll get it catered best barbecue coleslaw baked beans I will have to do the work

  6. Surayyah Elsharif

    We did Jewel’s fried chicken and it came with three sides and we made a few appetizers, it was for my son’s first birthday

  7. Jennifer Brissel

    Burger sliders – season ground beef as you normally would for burgers, flatten it in a sheet pan and bake at 350 for about 20 to 30 minutes (or until desired doneness), broil for another 5 on high for a little crisp. Use a pizza cutter to cut into small squares to fit slider buns. Have containers for toppings.

    Or pulled pork sliders, cooking the pork in a crockpot with seasonings and Dr Pepper

  8. I catered a party of 50 and I made a large ceaser salad and 2 pans of spaghetti but with bow tie noodles. I put a layer of cheese on top and baked them. It was a huge hit.

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