30 thoughts on “What Meals can you make with strictly vegetables”

  1. Ratatouille
    Fried green tomatoes
    Tempura veggies
    Zucchini noodle
    Egg plant parm
    Grilled mushrooms
    And mash potatoes

  2. Heather Boenker

    Greek salad with hummus or roasted chickpeas, kalamata olives, red onion, tomatoes, cucumber or shredded carrots if your into it, all on spinach and mixed greens.

  3. Brandy Beauchesne

    Teriyaki rice bowl. Rice mixed with cilantro lime sauce, California veggies, eater chestnuts, sliced onions,and pineapple teriyaki sauce. You can use tofu or meat substitute or eat with just the rice and veggies.

  4. Shandi-Lee Doalman

    Vegetarian rice, either a Chinese fried rice style or Mexican style are my favourites, vegetable lasagne as well is always a hit at my house

  5. You can still make curry, braised, jambalaya, chopsuey, egg fooyong, spring rolls, i can share these recipes just let me know which recipe you are interested

  6. Michelle Parker

    Zuc soup
    Zuc cut into chunks
    Tomatoes cut up
    Onions cut up
    Garlic powder
    Pepper n salt
    A little water to start it
    But u can add sliced hot dogs in it last 10 minutes
    Or u could take it all dump out most of the liquid add
    Some eggs n cheese n bake it til set for a casserole

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