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36 thoughts on “What is everyone having for supper?”

  1. Tabitha Phelan

    It’s FYOF(find you own food) in this house tonight we have all sorts of stuff to choose from it’s to dang hot I’m to dang tired after work to cook I cook all day at work so the choices anything from hot pockets to cereal or even oatmeal& there plenty of lunch meat I planned on making a crockpot lasagna but got called in today so didn’t have time so maybe Friday if I get that day off

  2. Judy Whitehead Parris

    My hubby’s favorite. Kraut and weiners, fried potatoes with onions, pinto beans, my home-canned pickled beets, cornbread.

  3. Caroline Odonnell

    We had chilli con carne…though I ran out of cumin 😅 its got a delicate flavour this time

  4. Courtney Danielle Blackburn

    We got some marinated steak kabobs at a good price.
    And roasted potatoes with seasoned butter beans.

  5. Monica Sutphin

    Ribs on the grill and I fried sliced canned potatoes and cut up asparagus. Turned pretty good.

  6. Stephanie Ann Miller

    We had a side spread. Alfredo pasta, chili (canned), and zucchini from the garden.

  7. Natalie Snyder

    Stuffed chicken and mashed potatoes!!

    Parm, cream cheese, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes!
    And I like my potatoes with fresh cilantro and garlic!

  8. Roxanne Hannan

    fried zucchini, squash. potatoes and turkey and I used Zesty red pepper dressing for the base

  9. Christina Fortner

    Smoked bacon gouda stuffed chicken. Green beans with bacon and onion and smokey scalloped potatoes. 18 bucks to feed 5.

  10. Amber DeAugustine

    Coconut shrimp I made with panko and coconut flakes fried up and seasoned little golden potatoes in the air fryer

  11. Kathy Zaukelies Hopkins

    Pork chops cooked in Chick fil A Polynesian sauce, Roasted sweet potatoes, LeSeur peas

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