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What food would you take for an all day beach day?? For kids and adults

What food would you take for an all day beach day?? For kids and adults

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28 thoughts on “What food would you take for an all day beach day?? For kids and adults”

  1. Okay, get a pack of Hawaiian rolls. Take the cardboard tray out of the wrapping. Without separating the rolls, cut them in half so thereā€™s a top bun and a bottom bun. Layer meat and cheese (and other toppings if you want, or leave on the side). Put top bun layer back on. Cut so they are individual sliders. If you took off the cardboard insert, put back on the cardboard, then put back in the bag. Put in a cooler with additional toppings (if not already on sliders) and condiments. Super easy!

  2. Veggie wrap pinwheels
    Homemade party mix
    Cut up veggies

  3. Frozen Capri sun’s, cheeze itz, grapes, pb & j, strawberries, any fruit really. Frozen gogurts , trail mix…

  4. Rebecca Forebacl

    Salami, pepperoni, different cheeses, grapes, crackers
    Pj a must for kids and easy.
    Do a kids cooler and snack bag and an adult cooler and snack bag.
    That away when the kids are constantly in and out of the cooler yours stays sand freešŸ˜ƒ

  5. Fruit, fig newton’s, chips, lunch meat and cheese in a cooler along with squeeze mayo, and a loaf of bread.

  6. If the beach has bbqs you could take a cooler with Burgers or hot dogs, potato salad, chips, etc. Or sandwiches, chips, salad, snacks.

  7. Pb&j for kids, chicken salad, tuna salad for adults with fresh fruit and some kinda cheese and crackers

  8. Subs watermelon two bags of chips water juice boxes cookies donuts plums baby wipes and maybe a pasta salad

  9. Lori Wilcox Schwenk

    frozen fruit-oranges…grapes…watermelon…club sandwiches…crackers and pepperoni and cheese…pasta salad…

  10. Reva Fultz Hall

    Lunch meat ,peanu butter and jelly,gogurts,raisins,nuts crackers cheese ,jello cups,fruit,chips,salads,kids drinks,waters,string cheese,cut up veggies and dip cookies.

  11. Stefanie Whitman

    We take sandwiches, fruit, chips, pretzels, pasta salad etc. Depends how big your cooler is.

  12. We went last week and had a picnic lunch. It was myself, my 2 year old daughter, 4 year old, and my mom. We brought sandwich meat, cucumbers, lettuce, protein wraps, cheese, and hummus. Made healthy wraps with them. Then for snacks, brought flavored crackers (there were BBQ, zesty cheese, and ranch), watermelon, grapes, cookies

  13. Lots of Fruits and veggies with dip
    Meat and cheese and crackers (charcuterie style so olives and such too)

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