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What do you serve with Chili besides cornbread, crackers and Fritoes. Need somet…

What do you serve with Chili besides cornbread, crackers and Fritoes. Need something on the side.

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  1. My family likes mashed potatoes with the chili scooped into the middle and covered with shredded cheese

  2. Christine Myers Payne

    Baked potato, fruit, cucumber and tomato slices lightly sprinkled with seasoning salt.

  3. Heather Boenker

    Black beans, brown rice, baked or leftover sweet potatoes. Baked potato was mentioned. French fries are also excellent or potato chili nachos. Great on tortillas with all the fixings for tacos, too.

  4. I love that you spelled it “fritoes”. Maybe salad? Baked potatoes? 1/2 grilled cheese?

  5. Rice or ditalini to serve under chili. Or slices avocado on tip? Mexican street corn on the side? Occasionally baked sweet potatoes.

  6. Amanda M Gilroy

    I don’t serve anything with my chili. I turn mine into what I call chili salad. I add lettuce, cheese, Doritos and ranch dressing. It’s amazing. 😋😋

  7. Rebecca Applegate Bailey

    I make potato wedges on a cookie sheet with melted cheese and bacon bits. Grilled cheese is also awesome for kids!

  8. Tiffany Garrett-Pedraza

    I serve it over baked potatoes or fries with cheese as well. Serve on hot dogs as well

  9. I always make cinnamon rolls with my chili. Is the perfect sweetness to the hardiness of the chili
    Classes to my favorite comfort Foods

  10. Vicki Busma Smith

    Cinnamon rolls, carrors/celery (school days memory), grilled cheese sandwich, baked potato, with pasta/rice, taco salad, fries with cheese,

  11. Sallie Lynn Wolfe Nally

    Chili main course with Mac n cheese. For those that don’t mix their foods it’s a great meal. For those that mix their dishes it’s a GREAT MEAL!

  12. Back home which is Southern Indiana we dip pb sandwiches in it and I swear it’s so good and now I’m in Kansas and they serve chili with cinnamon rolls. I haven’t tried it but the locals say it’s good!

  13. Leah-Beth Myers

    When I make chili I like it a little on the thick side spicy but not too much With a family get together I serve with cheddar cheese sour cream goldfish crackers corn chip hot sauce chili peppers I make jiffy cornbread I put all this in it.I drain a small can of corn add a little extra sugar chop up some spicy peppers add 2 cups of your favorite cheese Into 2 jiffy mix follow directions on box pour into a cast iron skillet and bake. Everyone has their own taste buds. Try family style the kids will love it. Then play jo can fart the loudest or longest. Just joking enjoy

  14. French bread, plus we also eat chili over macaroni (sometimes shells and cheese). As leftovers, chili is a bit thicker so we do chili on hamburger or hotdog buns

  15. Hear me out, when I lived in Hawaii there was a restaurant called Zippy’s and they served their chili over rice with cheese and all the fixings. Now it’s the only way we eat it.

  16. Jessica Quinones

    I make pasta and add chili along with some sour cream and shredded chedder….DELISH (& a family favorite)!

  17. I personally love to dip tortilla chips into my chili that’s been topped with some grated cheese and sour cream 😋 Soooo good…

  18. Danielle McIlwee

    Baked potato for chili, French fries for loaded fries, salad for taco salad, hot dog topping with onion and cheese

  19. My husband thinks I’m weird, but I like celery and carrot sticks with my chili. That’s what they served in the school cafeteria. Before anyone goes eww, this was the 70’s, my school was rural and had the best cooks. Everything was made from scratch.

  20. I really enjoy doing chili over pasta once in awhile or chili over baked potatoes, or chili cheese dogs. They’re all a hit in our house. Sometimes I’ll also switch it up & do White Chicken Chili instead.

  21. This may sound weird. But growing up with my grandparents they made either butter crackers/ butter bread with grape jelly to eat with our chili.

  22. Bread sticks
    Tator tots or hashbrown bars
    Tortilla chips and sour cream
    Cinnamon sugared bread/pizza crust, or tortilla strips with whipped cream.
    Biscuits with honey butter and jam
    Scrambled eggs and toast.

  23. First time around I serve with toasted cheese sandwiches. Then a day or so later I serve the leftovers over baked potatoes.

  24. Michelle Stevenson

    I make jalapeno cheesy cornbread!!
    Grab some jiffy cornbread mix, make as directed… Add some sugar for sweetness, LOTS of shredded cheddar cheese, then diced jalapenos…I like the pickled kind, not the fresh but to each their own!! Delicious!!! Also if I don’t serve with that: butter and crackers, PB&J, Doritos or Kroger brand hint of lime corn tortilla chips!! Always better the next day…. Always great as a chili Mac!!!

  25. I cut hot dogs into circles and add them to the Chili when I am browning the hamburger and onions. My mother in law always made her chili that way, and now that is the only way I make it.

  26. I was in Hawaii visiting my son & family, and I seen Zippy’s everywhere. Need to try them. My son takes me to Teddy’s best hamburger special ever

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