50 thoughts on “What do you get at dollar tree for food?”

  1. Michelle Devine Hallman

    I like their frozen ravioli. I make a baked dish with it by layering it with spaghetti sauce from Dollar tree and some cheese. I then bake at 375 until bubbly and starting to brown

  2. Frozen dinners, sandwiches, cheese, sausages, garlic bread, waffles, spices, taco shells, snacks, canned chicken, pop, juice, cleaners,socks, t shirts, laundry baskets…

  3. Judy Rose Faulkner

    Snacks and Cereal! My kids eat me out of the house. Our local dollar tree has the off brand off Apple Jacks, cocoa pebbles and fruit loops.

  4. Jimm Dean egg and cheese omelets, chicken broth, ice cream, all kinds of stuff, according to what they get in at the time!

  5. Nacole Garcia Deloera

    Pancake and sausage meal
    Family size cereal
    Goya rice
    Fajita blend
    Cinnamon and sugar blend
    Pop tarts
    Boxes of icecream
    Energy drinks
    Protein shakes
    Sugar free packets
    Sazon packets
    Polish sausage
    Box of donuts
    Tv dinners

  6. Sarah Souther Garcia

    Pasta, Alfredo sauce, frozen shrimp all from the dollar tree.  I usually will add fresh tomatoes and spinach if I have it. If not it’s all good just like that

  7. They have individual servings of Olive Garden salad dressing and sometimes Hidden Valley ranch dressing. The pizza crusts are good and I love the olives and mushrooms for pasta salad

  8. Frozen peppers & onions, chips, microwave popcorn, bread when I can find it, tijan , spaghetti n meatballs for hubby, pink Himalayan salt, noodle bowls but I forget the name lol sunny D

  9. Tabitha Edwards Richardson

    I get the bags of popcorn, lance cracker boxes of little packs, sometimes I find pop tarts the name brand ones, honeybuns in boxes
    Minute Maid frozen cups
    Icee cups like 4 in a box ones

    A lot of times it’s not a great deal

  10. Aimee Stadler Marler

    That’s just few items
    They have frozen English muffins sausage/cheese/egg sandwiches and grilled/breaded chicken too

  11. Used to get michilini noodles but since the dollar tree went up, they are now cheaper at Walmart .

  12. Jennifer Robinson

    Super pretzel, Minute Maid, Oreos, Pic Fresh frozen vegetables, Jimmy deans frozen breakfast sandwiches, Hi Chew candy, Werthers original. Those are items that we sometimes get coupons for. They end up being pretty cheap. I’m a crazy coupon lady.

  13. Karen Medeiros

    Ramen noodles, ketchup mustard, make sure you check expiration dates, and sizes… they sell smaller

  14. The pancake sausage griddle things. Take them for work and the kids love them. The chicken egg rolls are good too

  15. Christine HaterLover Lyda

    2 things that I love to eat from dollar tree… the dehydrated strawberries are delicious and around 5$ at the grocery store. Also, local DTs sometimes have reeces pieces sundaes with peanut butter that are so good and worth 1.25$

  16. Autumn Dawn Smith

    Dollar TREE…not much. They don’t have much in terms of food at ours. Canned goods and spices…yes. Cold and frozen…no. And it’s mostly imitation stuff in that area. Even the sour cream. But you can get canned goods, juices, spices, etc

  17. Kendra Baumgartner

    A lady on TikTok has meal ideas from dollar tree…I buy pretty much everything there…

  18. Heather Boenker

    They have good breakfast stuff, like cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix usually. Assorted canned goods, I look for oysters, salmon and albacore tuna that comes in regularly. Tons of non-perishables come through like pasta and sauce, snack crackers, nuts, cookies, and random things. Before they raised their prices to $1.25, I would just get what all I couldn’t get less than one dollar at the regular store. Now, I look for specific items I know are a good value that I listed off above.

  19. Haley M Freeman

    Some have a frozen food section now and you can get some good food in them each store is different

  20. Everything they sell basically. Pasta sizes. Canned soups. Boxed max and cheese. Seasonings. Condiments. Since becoming 1.25$ the selection is pretty decent. Name brand items that cost more at supermarket. Just gotta go and see what you like, want, and need. Price compare for size/quantity. Can’t go wrong though they have a lot of good stuff

  21. I go to the doller tree 3 or 4 times and month I have and list There are a lot of I terms I get there Even though they are and 1.25 know .I love the frozen food section .Meatballs kalbasa the sasage and yes the vegetables section and fruit is excellent they are smaller than the retail stores but they are not 4 and 5 dollers and bag for 1 or 2 it’s perfect.they have a good selection in the chip section yes they are and little smaller we don’t need all.the junk .I can keep.going but everyone that shops there will know just look at the amounts and how much you need

  22. Sara Purlee Volk

    Lunchbox snacks: their version of teddy grahams, Cheezits, animal crackers, cheese crackers etc

  23. Some times the dollar tree gets over…go to Walmart to get can veg can food they are only 69 cents where at the dollar tree 1.25…

  24. A lot of stuff .. I’ve been getting the triscut and cheese snacks things in cooler garlic bread in freezer little bags of candy granola bars

  25. Rachel Canaday

    Beef broth
    Chicken broth
    Ramen noodle bowls

    The Dollar Tree closest to me doesn’t have frozen/refrigerator food but when I lived in WV it had tons of food items. I liked everything except the cheese.

  26. Kristina Graves

    There is a girl on tiktok that does full meals from dollar tree and they look so good! @dollartreedinners

  27. I would suggest Dollar general, too. I get a lot of groceries and hygiene products from there.

  28. Linda Pounds Bennett

    I’ve actually made meals from the freezer great for a few eggs and sausage I’ve done some of the other things also

  29. Melissa Beth Goodwin Halfacre

    Mostly snacks. Their canned Swanson Chicken Ala King is really good, it is a $1.72 at Walmart so $1.00 at Dollar Tree is a good deal. You can serve it over rice, mashed potatoes or pasta. It makes a hearty but cheap meal. I buy their pink salt too.

  30. I love that they have the Harvest Snaps in the individual packs. The only other place I know that has those is the Walmart in Mattoon. The tomato basil lentil crisps are my favorite. I could eat them every day.

  31. Jennette Honeycutt

    I have only bought bread there. The Texas giant bread freezes well for school lunches and doesn’t go bad as soon as u open it. Candy for crafts are cheaper also

  32. Stephanie Smith

    Sometimes can goods and other things are actually cheaper at Walmart or dollar General.

  33. 2 of their frozen beef patties, a can of sloppy Joe mix, and a box of garlic bread. Mince beef, add sauce, eat over garlic bread. Less than $5, it’s savory and will fill your belly up. Just did this a few nights ago and was not bad at all!

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