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What do y’all add to Velveeta Shells & Cheese so its not so boring???

What do y’all add to Velveeta Shells & Cheese so its not so boring???

thank for the original creator Lori Floyd

46 thoughts on “What do y’all add to Velveeta Shells & Cheese so its not so boring???”

  1. Kim Strout-Leeper

    I like steamed broccoli and sliced hitdogs. Sounds weird but its delicious. I asli tried rotel with taco seasoning and ground beef.

  2. I always add a tablespoon of mayo, salt and pepper to boxed mac and cheese. Everything else on the side..

  3. Michelle Moore

    Put a breadcrumb topping on it with melted butter and breadcrumbs add in some crispy bacon chopped up and bake the macaroni velveeta cheese in a casserole dish till
    Lightly browned.

  4. Seasoned hamburger meat and 1 can of cream of mushroom soup. Its similar to hamburger helper.

  5. Julie Michael Hatter

    Tuna and sweet peas! I love it but I’m the only one in the family that will eat fish so I don’t have it often but it’s so good!!!

  6. Marie Minton Bowles

    I saute some little smokies then add to the Mac & cheese,put in casserole with extra cheese on to, bake at 375 for 15-20 min

  7. Diki K Davenport

    I make a macaroni salad with it!
    Prepare like usual let cool. Stir in Mayonnaise, canned chicken, crushed pineapple, green pepper, celery, season to taste! Refrigerate and then serve

  8. Denise Simpson

    Make your own taco bake,
    Brown your ground meat
    Drain, add taco seasoning was the recommended water.
    In another pot boil shells, drain, add cheese sauce mix well, the add the taco meat, fold/mix until it is all blended well.

    You can leave it like that and dish it up Or you can transfer it into a baking dish, top with cheese pop it in the oven until melted,

    Then add your toppings, lettuce, onion, salsa, sour cream etc.

    I like to add chunky salsa in the meat/ shell mix or a can of diced tomatoes.
    Now it’s ready to serve .

    You van also make the homemade cheesy hamburger helper. Season the ground meat the way you would a burger patty
    Then you can either divide the meat in half, put some meat in a baking dish, add some half the mac m cheese add the rest of the meat then mac n cheese
    Top it off with a little shredded cheese or sliced cheese .

    Or combined meat and mac n cheese toss in a baking dish top off with cheese and serve when done..

    Bake each of these for about 20 minutes since everything is already cooked.

    Way cheaper than buying Hamburger helper less sodium, and you can make a bunch .

  9. Taco meat and rotel or browned and crumbled breakfast sausage is my favorite, it has the best flavor.

  10. Brittany-marie Gorden

    Nothing perfect as is …..but sometimes we add a can of chili and hot dogs and Make chili hot dog mac

  11. Bacon, linguica, chicken, ground beef, broccoli, peas, cut up steak. Any of these are good.

  12. Hamburger chilli little smokies smoked cheese crab maybe some spicy cheese made all of these kinds I think they are good I also salt my pasta water when it’s time to put it all together I add milk butter pepper

  13. I make a basic chili with ground beef, black beans, kidney beans and Rotelle tomatoes and mix it with the Velveeta Mac n cheese to.make chili mac

  14. Jeremy Thompson

    Pick your protein! Hamburger, bacon, chicken, ground lamb, pick a zesty veggie mix, diced jalapeños, rotel, fried onions. Serve it up!

  15. Broccoli and shredded Chicken I have also gotten those little grated carrots and cooked some in the water to make them tender and added that and Broccoli and chicken

  16. Sloppy Joe mix and Kroger Mac n cheese shells and cheese!!! Tons of left overs!! I added sour cream to it yesterday and it was delicious

  17. Brad Paul Smith

    More cheese, really sharp cheese, I used to add a can of tuna and some crushed potato chips

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