47 thoughts on “What can i make with this ? Im at a complete loss”

  1. Aram Kim Aldredge

    I cut it up sauté it with cabbage, onions, and green onions. I either mix it with pasta or serve it with a side of rice. I always keep smoked sausage handy in the freezer just in case I don’t want to cook too much.

  2. Ashleigh Harvey

    I love to cut up peppers, onions, mushroom and broccoli and cut this up and mix in and add teriyaki sauce or gHughes sugar free bbq! Super good

  3. I slice it and put it in the crockpot add green beans, chunks of potatoes and onions and salt and pepper.

  4. Amber Migliaccio

    Cut it into slices, diced up some yellow or red potatoes. Lay in baking dish. Sprinkle with Salt Pepper Garlic and Herb or just Garlic….whatever sounds good to you really. Take a stick of butter and cut into pats and place all around the top. Cover with foil. Bake at 375 for however long it takes to get potatoes tender when pierced with fork (usually takes me about an hour). Mix halfway through baking time to redistribute melted butter. Top with cheese when done if desired.
    Can also do it in the crockpot but have never tried it.

  5. Slice it up and cook it in a skillet with whatever frozen mixed veggies you have on hand. It’s also good fried with cabbage and onions.

  6. Cut it up bite size sautéed it up eat over rice and beans or just seasoned rice with broccoli

  7. Dianne Ketcham

    Sheet pan dinner. Cut up sausage and put on a sheet plan with diced potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes, Sprinkle with Cajun season and bake at 350 till veggies are done.

  8. Jennifer Solis

    I’ve made this with cabbage on the stove you can add cut up bacon too it’s really good

  9. Melissa A Hughes

    I slice it up, throw in cans of green beans, corn, sliced or cubed potatoes, and rotel, add a little pepper and butter until warm.
    Fast and easy peasy!

  10. Christine Macy

    Cute them up, cut up potatoes, onions, and bell peppers. Toss it all together with olive oil and salt and pepper, 30 min at 350 with foil over. Take off foil another 30-35 min no foil to brown the sausage. One of my favs super easy.

  11. Felisha Jorgenson

    We are having this for by supper … we mix 2 cans cream of chicken w 1 rub sour cream … cut up 1 1/2 sausage … 6 potato’s … bag shredded cheese … in crock 4-6 hrs

  12. Katelyn Michelle Duplantis

    I cut up potatoes with onion and bell pepper blend, sausage, and green beans with some butter. Put it in the oven covered until the potatoes are done. It’s good

  13. Christina Jackson

    Sausage potatoes & greenbeans. Can of cream and mushroom let cook together on low in crock pot all day. Yummmmm. My favorite cheap dinner growing up

  14. Brandy Ferrell

    I make a Hawaiian dish! But I also add shrimp, but not needed. Sliced up smoked sausage and brown edges. Add all color peppers, onion, sauteed them. Add pineapple tiblets drained, and sweet thai chili sauce put over rice.

  15. Ronda René Barajas

    oOoOO one of our favorites is to slice it up add it to a pan with diced red potatoes, diced onion, salt, pepper, thyme and a drizzle of olive oil. We eat it for breakfast with fried eggs and toast.

  16. Ashley Whitlock

    Honestly we make it with mac and cheese and sometimes add broccoli in it! Lol my kids love it

  17. Justine Turner

    I just dice up some potatoes and carrots tossed in a little olive oil and seasoning and roast them and when they have about 10 minutes left throw in the sausage sliced up

  18. We like it with bell peppers(no green ones for me), onions, jalapeños and potatoes. Chunk everything up and add whatever seasonings you like and either fry them or roast them in the oven.

  19. Sausage peppers onions sautéed and over rice.
    Crawfish cut up sausage onion broken corn on cob and small red taters with bag of old bay.
    Cut in half lengthwise baste with barbq sauce with Mac and chees.

  20. Rachelle Perman

    We cut it up with bell peppers, zucchini, onions & mushrooms, season it, & bake it on a sheet pan with potatoes! Super good, healthy, & easy

  21. Cris Johnson Kauffman

    I put small gold potatoes, sweet onion, red, yellow and orange peppers in a skillet with oil, salt pepper, Italian seasoning. Cook until potatoes are tender ( I cut them at least in half) then add your sausage slices. Yum!!!!

  22. Shayla Elizabeth Weems

    I just cut them into slices and put in a frying pan with bbq sauce. Serve with macaronis and cheese and a vegetable. lol it’s one of our quick meals we do

  23. Mashed potatoes and green beans. Cook together and add some milk to thin it out.

    Fry up the sausage, add into the mix! So good!

  24. Marinate in teriyaki sauce. Serve with white rice and broccoli.

    Or cut up with onions green beans,potatoes and saute. Add some garlic powder salt and pepper.

    Saute with Cajun seasoning add green peppers and onions serve with white rice.

  25. Breakfast sandwiches, sausage Alfredo, sausage and veggies stir fry, skewers, breakfast bake

  26. I have cut it up before, and threw them on a pan, baked them in the oven, then took it out and sprinkled brown sugar all over them, and put it back in the oven for another few minutes. Serve with Mac and cheese. It’s simple and cheap

  27. Haley Templeman

    Slice up sausage and fry with smoked paprika. Steam broccoli. Make 3 packages of knorr cheddar broccoli pasta. Mix all together and put in baking dish. Cover with shredded cheddar cheese and bake for 10 minutes on 350°

  28. A Christine Moeller

    I slice cabbage and grate or thin slice a few carrots and saute, add the meat and let it cook very low for about 35-40 minutes while rice is cooking. ad rice . mix well and family loves it, quick easy and very little clean up.

  29. Jacquie Louden

    Sliced in 3 inch pieces, dice onion, fresh green beans or canned and red potaoes…simmer till potatoes done.
    I just salt and pepper. Super easy, super good

  30. Melissa Bodine Filiatreau

    Large can of green beans, red or yellow potatoes. Cut sausage and potatoes up into bite size pieces. Cook in crockpot for 6hours or until potatoes are done.

  31. Heather McDougal Jones

    I slice it up and mix it with fresh veggies in the air fryer (squash, sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, zucchini…)

  32. Becky Reid Price

    Slice and fry it. Serve mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, mustard greens, and cornbread with it.

  33. Dee Orenstein Eason

    I cut it up in into one inch pieces and boil it in my shrimp boil! Add taters, corn, and shrimp with some crab boil and you’ll be eating good. They also make delicious sausage dogs

  34. Tammie Moore Chappell

    Add potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, garlic salt & pepper, sausage cover and bake in oven
    Slice round pieces and fry in a little oil
    Put bbq sauce on it

  35. Michael Robert Berghegen

    I’ve done it with taters – carrot and turnip mix- boil all in big pot- mash taters- carrot n turnips with butter- add little bit of salt n pepper – cut up sausage – enjoy

  36. Amanda Kelley Atkins

    Slice it, put it in a skillet with onions and a box of frozen pierogi. A little oil to get it all going!

  37. We cut it up into little pieces and add some fresh basil (my hubby likes when I add cayenne pepper to it) and fry it with a little but if butter in a frying pan and then boil some periogies then fry those just to make them a little crispy on the outside and then when all of that is done he stuffs his pierogies with it or you can eat it seperate

  38. Chris-TamTam Travels

    Slice em, slice some taters & onions & peppers, little olive oil and fry em all up in skillet or bake all in oven, can cover with cheese & top over rice or by itself. Also cut up potatoes and green beans with sausage in crockpot for few hours. I use broth to cook it in. My dad throws all kinds of veggies & potatoes in with other pork products in big pot calls it “hillbilly stew”.

  39. I use it in lots of ways. I use it in beans soups if I don’t have ham. I cut it into 2 inch lenghts then cut those in half and grill it or fry it, serve with mac and cheese. I add it to soups. I grill or fry it and use it on hard rolls with peppers and onions cooked as a sandwich.

  40. Suzanne Jenness Kosta

    I slice it up and saute it in some olive oil with a chopped onion and some shredded cabbage. Serve over boiled egg noodles. Delicious!

  41. I take the sausage fry it up in some coconut oil to brown it a bit. Then I cut potatoes as if I’m frying them then I bake them all together until cooked and tender!

  42. Lori Greene Adams

    I have a allergy to mammal. And I loved corn dogs. So I use the Turkey version and make cornbread in a muffin pan with a piece in the middle. My kids love this

  43. MaryKay Lanning

    We slice it and fry it with garlic. Then remove from pan. Add butter n oil to pan a little flour and heavy cream and Parmesan. Mix constantly to make an Alfredo like sauce. Then mix it all in with cooked noodles. We use bow tie ones. Super delicious. Add spices of your liking to the Alfredo sauce.

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