14 thoughts on “What can I make with ground turkey? (I’m dairy free)”

  1. Kris Diedrich Skyberg

    Ground Turkey , diced water chestnuts, diced carrots, coleslaw cabbage mix, hoisin sauce all sautéed together serve over quinoa

  2. Mara Dey Williams

    Turkey meatballs over pasta and mushrooms. I used to add more vegetables and use the pasta water to make a sauce with lots of seasoning.

  3. Use in any recipe that calls for ground beef. Just add a little more seasoning as turkey is blander than beef.

  4. I made turkey burgers tonight in the air fryer with sweet potato fries and it was delicious. Mix turkey with garlic powder minced garlic , salt, pepper and a little onion powder some chopped onion little soy sauce and whatever seasoning you prefer. Air fry fir 20 minutes we put them on toasted buns with avacodo slices and lettuce and tomatoe

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