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What can I make for dinner with hamburg that’s not tacos, spaghetti, or meatloaf…

What can I make for dinner with hamburg that’s not tacos, spaghetti, or meatloaf?!

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50 thoughts on “What can I make for dinner with hamburg that’s not tacos, spaghetti, or meatloaf…”

  1. Misty King-Smith

    I’m making spanish rice with hamburger in it.. probably have some vegetable with it..

  2. Stephanie Boley

    Cream of mushroom soup spices added to it such as garlic, onion, salt pepper in browned ground beef over mashed potatoes, sloppy Joe’s, cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers, lasagna, baked ziti, nacho table

  3. Michelle Beaubien

    Stuffed peppers with ground beef and shredded cheese of your choice. We usually add some herbs on top of the cheese. We do a layer of cheese, the pre-cooked ground beef, a layer of cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Add another layer of cheese and bake for another 10 minutes. Absolutely delicious. Really juicy.

  4. I make something similar to lasagna called company casserole. It has spaghetti sauce , egg noodles, cream cheese, sour cream , garlic powder.

  5. Meatball subs I stuffed my meatballs with peppers green peppers red peppers onions garlic a little tomato and cheese

  6. Cheesy goulash: hamburger browned with onion, cooked elbow noodles, tomato soup, velveeta
    Hamburger stroganoff: hamburger browned with onion, cooked egg noodles, cream of mushrooms soup, sour cream
    Pizza Casserole: hamburger browned with onion, cooked rotini noodles, 2 jars pizza sauce,. Mix everything together and put in 9×13 dish, cover with pepperoni and shredded cheese bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

  7. Jennifer Lee Dodgson

    Poop on the roof. Ground beef, salt pepper, cream of mushroom soup, garlic (if desired), white rice.

  8. Chili with bread to dip into it and rice to pour the chili all over it. I have some going now for dinner tonite

  9. Chas May Millard

    My kids like “poor” philly sandwiches brown ground beef add onion and green peppers and provolone or mozzarella

  10. Michelle Jackson-Rieger

    I like to fry up hamburger boil egg noodles and combine with a few cans of mushroom gravy, very easy, cheap and my family likes it

  11. Stuffed hamburgers with mushrooms cover with Swiss cheese. I put a little Worcestershire Shire sauce over the mushrooms. I add onion too

  12. Sandra Elizabeth Sanchez

    Last night I fried up some hamburger meat and added some vegetables and tomato sauce and ate it over white rice it was really good

  13. Susan Dunavant McLaughlin

    I make fajitas with ground beef, fajita seasoning with cooked onions and peppers and roll them up in a flour tortilla. Can add salsa, cheese , sour cream or your preference of toppings.

  14. Get some ravioli from Walmart 3.50 a bag mozzarella cheese and you can either bake it or eat as is

  15. Beef soups, I like to put it in my ramen. Taco Mac n cheese. 🤷 Salisbury steak, chicken fried steak, my mom likes to make them into rectangular parties and put them on loafs with cheese and dip them in auju. Stuffed peppers, stuffed potatoes, literally anything stuffed.

  16. Hillbilly sloppy joes cook your hamburger like you would for regular sloppy joes and then add some cream of mushroom soup yummy

  17. Brown 1lb hamburger with onion, mushrooms too if you can, plus garlic powder salt and pepper. Drain add 2 cans cream of mushroom soup and 3/4cup of milk. Heat until it is hot all the way through. Serve over mashed potatoes, noodles, rice.

  18. Kendra Pence Taylor

    I’m making hamburger helper. Mac n cheese, cream of mushroom soup and ground burger all mixed together

  19. Deanna Marie Ruggiero

    Chili. Salisbury streaks. Taco inside stuffed shells. Sloppy joes. Taco soup. Lasagna soup

  20. Ann Catherine Warmington

    Do pigs in a blanket make like tiny meatloafs then wrap them in bacon bake on 350 for about 35 mins then turn on broiler to crisp bacon flip your pigged over so both sides get brown … so good serve with ketchup or we like ours with siracha sauce

  21. Donna Barrow Hoya

    Tamale pie

    2lbs ground beef
    1 onion chopped
    1 small jalapeños chopped
    Remove seeds
    1 can whole kernel corn
    1 can refried beans
    1 can condensed tomato soup
    Shredded cheddar cheese
    2 boxes jiffy cornbread
    2 pks chili seasoning

    Brown ground beef onion and pepper. Add chili seasoning stir well. Add tomato soup corn and refried beans stirring until all is combined. Pour mixture into greased baking pan top with shredded cheese. Next mix the corn bread per directions on box
    Pour over the cheese. Bake at 400 for 30 mintues

  22. Annalicia Diaz

    Sloppy joes, meatballs, hamburgers, hamburger steaks with onion inside, hamburger n gravy over mash potatoes, lasagna

  23. My favorite hamburger dish is 1/2 to 1 pound of hamburger, 1 box of Mac and cheese, and 1 can of tomato soup. Add milk to desired thickness.

  24. We call it picadillo, sear meat, add onions and garlic, then tomatoes and any veggies (I add celery and green beans) add water to stew and season with pepper and knorr. Once it is at your liking (stew wise) soupy or not, turn off heat. Serve over mashed potatoes or white rice and a dinner roll if wanted. (I use sandwich bread with butter) dinner done and less than 10$ you can also add potatoes


  26. I fry my hamburger with onions , drain, pour a can of beef gravy .. simmer to warm it up eat it over mashed potatoes or egg noodles..

  27. Barbara Phoenix Hanner

    Sloppy Joe’s or cheeseburger pie,also cook the hamburger drain add onion soup mix and brown gravy mix ,frozen mixed vegetables cook until vegetables are tender then spoon over rice or mashed potatoes

  28. We’re having sloppy joes tonight! Never made it before so not sure how I’ll like it but making it with onions and green peppers too, so sounds pretty good 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. Judy Galbraith

    We have used hamburgers patty’s and bake in the oven then put gravy on and bake a few minutes for a “Salisbury steak” with mashed potatoes. Goulash. Foil packets with potatoes and carrots and peppers and cheese onions and out in the grill until done. Cook noodles and put in with cooked hamburger and cheese for home made hamburger helper.

  30. I brown it, add some garlic powder, onion powder, salt/pepper to taste. Add in Mayo and ketchup to taste and cheddar cheese. Mix it all up until the cheese is melted, pretty much a hamburger helper without the pasta (which you can add if you so desire)

  31. KathyShannon Ison Perkins

    I brown my ground beef with onions, drain then add 1 tablespoon of yellow mustard and enough BBQ sauce to cover. Kinda like sloppy joe but better!!! Sometimes, I’ll put on sliced Hawaiian rolls with cheese and warm in the oven until cheese melts. Yummm

  32. I made Salasbury steak last nite out of hamburger.They were easy and So,Good.Cheap meal.And So much better then bought ones.

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