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What are your meatloaf recipes? I have no breadcrumbs unfortunately

What are your meatloaf recipes? I have no breadcrumbs unfortunately

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34 thoughts on “What are your meatloaf recipes? I have no breadcrumbs unfortunately”

  1. Erica Barfield VanHoose

    I either do corn flakes, crackers or bread crumbs which ever I have on hand at the moment

  2. Well this does call for them. But I like the recipe on the Lipton soup beefy onion box and also the onion soup box.

  3. Do you have any stuffing?? Can substitute for breadcrumbs. Just smash it down a little so not so bulky. Adds extra flavor too.

  4. I made meatloaf tonight I used stovetop stuffing instead of bread crumbs 2 pounds ground beef, lipton onion soup,eggs, ketchup
    Came out really good

  5. Kati BrÀnnfors

    Don’t need any bread crumbs. I use dried French onion soup. If you want make your meatloaf more foodie without anything else, fill it with boiled eggs and/or vegetable 😋

  6. Kerrie Parkhurst

    Do you have 5 pieces of bread? Tear them apart in tiny pieces. Or panko breading? Stuffing mix?

  7. Soak bread in onion soup mix or garlic, onion, salt pepper, etc. Add that to your meat.

  8. Jocelyn Callaghan Whitworth

    I used a pound of ground beef, a sleeve of Ritz crackers (crushed), 1 egg beaten, and “most” of a small bottle of A-1 sauce. Bake in a loaf pan at 400. Check at 30 minutes.

  9. Samantha Sweeny

    I use regular white break and break it up in my mix. I add onion, salt, pepper, a couple of eggs, ketchup and a little mustard then after it bakes half way, I top it with a brown sugar and ketchup “glaze.”

  10. Hamburger smashed saltines egg catsup pepper garlic powder diced green pepper and onion form lay strips of bacon over top & bake

  11. Sandy Zepp Hutton

    I never use breadcrumbs. Just a few soda crackers if I have them. if not, just leave them out. Always good.

  12. Sarah Ledbetter

    Oats, onion soup mix, egg & a little milk. The topping: brown sugar & ketchup mixed together.

  13. Carol J Weaver

    I use either crackers, bread or stovetop. I add onions, bell pepper, salt, pepper, and ketchup. I roll it out on wax paper and sprinkle it with mozzarella cheese and roll it up like a jelly roll. Back at 400 covered, last 20-30 minutes too off with ketchup.
    Be careful not to put the cheese along the edge so You can pinch the meat together to keep the cheese inside. It is so good. Plus do not roll meat out to thing.

  14. Charlotte Mcbride Striplin

    Hamburger meat, egg, onion, bell pepper, chopped celery, crushed Triscuit crackers (or Ritz crackers), salt, pepper, 16 oz.can tomatoes, drained. Using hands, mix together well. Put in pan top with tomato paste. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes.

  15. 2# Hamburger, one cooked onion and package cooked bacon, shredded cheese, mix together and put in pan, bake for 1 hour at 350

  16. Brandi Cherie Stambaugh

    Last time I just made a load of dread dried it out in the oven and Madd my own.

    For my meat loaf I do chopped onions and celery, garlic and onion powder, pepper and salt, worcestershire, egg and bread crumbs

  17. I use crackers, oatmeal,bread crumbs, corn flakes it depends on what i have when i make meat loaf but it works

  18. Toast a few pieces of bread, put them in the food processor or break up into crumbs…it’s works just as well!

  19. A box of stuffing works well, I also like to throw in the package of Lipton onion soup mix or meatloaf seasoning packet. Eggs and milk. A little BBQ sauce too. On top mix BBQ sauces and ketchup, a little bit brown sugar.

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