20 thoughts on “What are your easiest chicken and dumplings recipe?”

  1. Make a thick “paste” by adding your chicken broth from your soup to flour. Use a spoon to drop in the dumplings into your soup

  2. I don’t do short cut chicken and dumplings. I do total scratch. I also do old fashioned drop dumplings, not the fat noodles.

  3. Crockpot: Frozen chicken breast, 2 cans of cream of chicken, half can of chicken stock. Cook low 8 hours half way shred chicken and add quartered pillsbury biscuits and stir

  4. Rose Marie Carter

    Boil until tender 3 chicken thighs, 3 legs and one boneless breast. Remove from juice and set aside. I usually use 4 cups flour give or take and make a “well” and add milk and 2 tblsp lard. Cut into flour until crumbly. Add milk until flour is pliable. Add Chicken broth, Better than chicken broth, or Granulated chicken to juices in pan. Pound out dough and roll out. Cut into pieces. Drop into the juice. Stir lightly. Continue until you have a pot full of dumplings. The extra flour will thicken them up. Debone chicken and add to pot. Yummy

  5. Logan Taelor Luna

    Bake or air fry chicken breast (or use canned chicken) then mix the chicken with cream of mushroom soup & mixed frozen veggies, put fridge biscuits in a glass plan, pour the chicken mix over it, the top of shredded cheese & bake

  6. I make old fashioned dumplings …. But you can buy the frozen dumplings that you drop in broth and cook… frozen section in grocery

  7. Boil Chicken tenders in water when done add a can of chicken broth and shred chicken then roll out canned biscuits in flour cut them in strips the flour is what thickens broth. add to chicken and boil till done. About 30 minutes or so. Season to ur taste.

  8. Crockpot chicken breast chicken broth cream of chicken soup and 10 minutes before u eat add canned biscuit I used 2 canned

  9. I’ve done mine the way my nanny made it. Nothing fancy like the new versions of it just boiled boneless chicken thighs in chicken broth or add bouillon cubes to water after cooked break up chicken add cans of pet milk I use 3 or 4 cans bc I like more of the juice then let it get hot and cut ur biscuits in like like strip and slowly drop into the juice let them cook until they aren’t so gooey then add back chicken and salt and pepper to taste

  10. Randa Lopes-Williams

    Boil a whole chicken in enough water to cover it by a few inches. When cooked remove all the chicken to a sheet pan. Strain the broth. Return to pan. Season with poultry seasoning , salt and pepper. Pick through chicken and get rid of everything but chicken meat. Add it back to broth. Check for taste. Add bullion if needed. Make your preferred dumplings. I like homemade rolled out or drop biscuits. Drop them in the boiling broth. If you use drop biscuits cover an simmer on low until cooked. Now I want some !!!

  11. Boil chicken ( I like bone in thighs, adds so much more flavor) s&p, little thyme, when chicken is cooked through & ready to debone I add sliced carrots, celery & onions, cook til crisp tender, take a few cans of refrigerator biscuits, pinch off & make into balls throw in the broth all at once so they cook evenly, cover & dip dumplings into hot broth frequently until cooked through, about 15-20 mins, they will double in size, if too fluffy remove lid & re-dip in the broth, family favorite

  12. Mari Stiles Dwyer

    Five dollar walmart rotisserie chicken shredded, add a can of cream of chicken soup, corn, 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth, mix up some jiffy biscuit mix and drop by spoonfuls into the pot once it boils, simmer a bit until the dumplings are done.

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