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Weird but I have a muffin pan and never used it lol any ideas for it and it can …

Weird but I have a muffin pan and never used it lol any ideas for it and it can be the obvious muffins as well

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  1. Any brand of biscuits, spray pam in muffin tin. Press biscuits into the the pan like its a pizza dough. Add favorite pizza ingredients top with cheese bake about 20 minutes!!

  2. Meatballs in the oven. Roll them like normal and it keeps them from rolling around. Individual meatloafs. Omelette cups.

  3. Myra Scholz-Ruiz

    I made meatloaf in the muffin pan then made mash patotos as frosting and put gravy on top.

  4. Beth Petty DeBlauw

    Leftover mashed potatoes.

    Add Sour cream
    Diced onions

    Place in muffin tins cook until golden brown, eat

  5. I’ve done meatloaf muffins, “fried” pickle chips, banana bread muffins, pancake muffins…..

  6. Kayla D. Collins

    I use mine for homemade pizza rolls. Roll doughty into a rectangle. Top with sauce, cheese, and pizza topping of choice. Roll into a log. Slice into 1in cross sections(like cinnamon Roll process). Spray your tin with oil and put 1 Roll in each tin. Bake 425° for 15min or so. They come out like the pepperoni rolls at Old Chicago. You don’t HAVE to do these in a muffin tin but they come out better that way in my opinion.

  7. Stove top dressing chicken jalapenos and onion.egg and a little chicken broth. Roll into balls and bake in the muffin pan

  8. Jolene Williams

    I just bought a minimuffin pan to make omelet bites for my children. Can freeze them after cooking and re-heat in the microwave!

  9. Take eggs or egg whites. Mix with a bit of cottage cheese, chopped spinach, bell peppers and onions. Beat it all together. Grease your tin and place 1/2 teaspoon of water in each cup. Pour enough egg to fill up to 3/4s of the cup sprinkle with your favorite cheese. Stick in the oven at 3:25 for 15-20 minutes or until set. Delish egg bites

  10. Breakfast muffins:

    1 lb hot Breakfast sausage
    1 cup of Bisquick
    1 log of softened cream cheese
    4 eggs
    12 to 16 oz of favorite shredded cheese

    Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl

    Take 1 table spoon of mix and put into each holder

    In a preheated to 375° degree oven place pan in and cook for 20 minutes (25 minutes depending on oven)

  11. Cranberry orange muffins. Lemon blueberry muffins. Mini chicken pot pies. Mini cheesecakes. Egg cheese and sausage breakfast bites. Popovers. Jello. Cupcakes. So many things.

  12. Breakfast cupcakes

    2 or 3 tater tots in each, bacon crumbles, diced sausage, crack an egg in each, sprinkle with shredded cheese. Drizzle ketchup on top.

    So good.

  13. I use it to premake cinnamon rolls and freeze them. Then I dump them in a zip lock, pull them out and put them in a pan the night before I want to bake them to let them thaw and rize.

    I also make ice cream bowls by flipping the muffin pan over, forming cookie dough around the mounds, and baking.

  14. Put cookie dough in it . Press to sides and bottom. Then bake. After it cools add ice cream. 😋

  15. Muffin tins are great for portioning soups and sauces into frozen pucks so you dont have to use a bunch of little bags. You just take as many pucks as you need and its less defrosting time

  16. If you like pumpkin spice I have an easy recipe. All you need is a 15oz can pumpkin and a spice cake mix. Combine the dry cake mix and the pumpkin. Put in muffin tin (or for easier clean up line with cupcake wrappers) bake 350° for about 15 minutes.

  17. Egg muffins! I use one package of grands biscuits and put them on the bottom (break each buscuit in half per 2 muffins) then fill each with egg and cheese and bacon bits and makes easy grab and go breakfast

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