We were gifted 8 pounds of strawberries Any suggestions what

We were gifted 8 pounds of strawberries. Any suggestions what I can make with th…

We were gifted 8 pounds of strawberries. Any suggestions what I can make with them? Or tips to help them not spoil too quickly. I don’t want them to go to waste. Thanks!

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  1. Jennifer Nadeau Gumlaw

    I just cut up four packages and froze in 2 cup bags. Great for smoothies. I just made strawberry rhubarb jam so easy and canned it.
    You can make muffins.

  2. Lori Whitlock Mccollum

    Don’t wash them first make sure not moist put them in jars with lids put in fridge…

  3. You can slice them up and add a little sugar. Use them on vanilla ice cream or yogurt once the juices come out or strawberry shortcake. You can also make a big batch and freeze it for sundaes in the future

  4. Linda Williams

    Put in glass jars and refrigerate… Mixed berry smoothies are good as well as Strawberry/banana smoothies

  5. I don’t know the recipe but you can bake them and they taste like fruit roll ups . I bet you can Google it .

  6. I wash them slice them place them on a parchment paper on cookie sheet put them in the freezer. Take them out and put in a zip lock bag for smoothie.

  7. Christy Jo Kenworthy

    Put them in canning jars. Dont wash till you are ready to eat. You can do lettuce, blueberries and lots of stuff in those.

  8. Cynthia George

    I cut them and lay them on wax paper put in freezer then after froze put in ziplock bags for smoothies are cook down for pies

  9. Megan Dennison

    Rinse well, then add them to a bowl of water that covers them add a table spoon per container of white vinegar. Let soak for 10 minutes. Rinse well…then set out to air dry. You can put them in mason jars with a lid. They will last awhile! I just tried this trick and was totally shocked!!!

  10. Mason jars or used spaghetti sauce jars, or whatever jar that can be reproduce and had a solid seal. Place a paper towel in the bottom or on the side and put whatever fruit or veggie. Will be fresh for weeks.

  11. Put in a mason jar and make sure the lid is tight-you can add vinegar to make them keep longer too. Freeze some, make strawberry shortcake, strawberry cake, smoothies, eat with sugar and whipped cream.

  12. Joyce Fleming - Mills

    I put them in Mason hars in refrigerator they
    last longer. I then rinse them when I eat them. I have found they last longer.

  13. Beckey Rowloff

    We have a strawberry garden and I wash them cut them up put some sugar in baggie before I freeze. Taken them out for when I make jam or strawberry shortcake

  14. Paige Nicole Stewart

    Cut up the strawberries and soak them in sugar and a but of water then Buy little angel food cakes top them with whip cream and the strawberries. It is so good!!

  15. Michelle Hamann

    Make puff pastry, then mix cream cheese and vannila and some sugar, add a small container of cool whip, add strawberries! Sooo good!

  16. Seperate divided into small baggies and freeze. Thaw 1 bag at a time as needed. Or you can slice all make freezer jam into mason jars. Buy a box Sure Gel. It should have the recipe in the box or on… or you can find it online of how too.

  17. You can put them in a glass canning jar and put a lid on them and put in refrigerator and they will stay for a few days.

  18. Victoria Galvan

    I make agua fresca ( strawberry water) usually add a whole container of strawberries , cut the top off, add 5-6 cups of water, add sugar to taste then blend so good

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