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We purchased a cow last year and now getting to the end of meats we got from it….

We purchased a cow last year and now getting to the end of meats we got from it. I need ideas for beef outside skirt, beef rump roast and what can I use beef stew meat besides making beef stew.

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  1. Beef stew meat and rump roast will cook well in crock pot to make bbq beef or even cheese steaks

  2. Allie Gianesses

    Beef stew meat, onions, canned tomatoes, seasoning cook until tender eat with egg noddles

  3. Amy Bitler Mitchell

    I had beef stew meat too. I marinaded the meat in coke, soy, worschershire, garlic and brown sugar overnight, I skewered them and grilled them. Grilled green beans, mushrooms and asparagus. Delicious

  4. Adella Fernandez Messick Saunders

    I like it when you Blessed the neighbors with some one hand to another is amazing.

  5. Use the beef stew meat to make some steak tacos slow cook them so they become tender and make tacos with it

  6. Kayleigh Hydron

    For the roast I make an Italian roast. I use an Italian dressing packet and au jue packet if your roast is over 2.5 pounds double packets 1-2 sticks of butter a jar of roasted red peppers and banana peppers you can use pepperoncinis too I prefer banana peppers. I add a little water add a little water also. Put all ingredients into the slow cooker. When I have left overs I make stroganoff

  7. Janice Mitchell

    Stew meat for beef tips
    Cook roast shred and freeze in small amts to use for: roast beef sandwiches
    Yummy recipes for a grilled roast beef sandwich made once found by googling
    Warm and serve with veggies as dinner
    Use in enchiladas

  8. Google no peek beef tips they are awesome!! I added sliced carrots and cut up fresh mushrooms

  9. Sandra Elizabeth Sanchez

    Beef outside skirt is Great for fajitas, the beef stew meat can be used for kabobs and beef rump roast is Great in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes

  10. Beff stew meat makes great mushrooms and beef stroganoff.
    I put in crockpot flour/s/p stew meat chopped onion, whole mushrooms, can of cream of mushroom soup, can beef broth cook low 8 hours high 4 to 5 hours then I turn off drop in some el dente egg noodles mix. You can stop there and tastes to see if need more s/p and add 1/2 cup sour cream. Mix put lid on turn off crockpot. Now Hubby likes it with egg noodle on plate and ladle crockpot mix over it.

  11. Kelly Crites-Pruett

    I use beef stew meat for vegetable beef soup, stroganoff, or beef tips (beef in brown gravy served over white rice)

  12. Veggie soup- You can cook any of these items with a packet of Lipton soup mix me water in roaster in oven. After meat is tender and done then transfer broth to big soup pot and put pieces of meat in with the broth. Add all your ingredients for veggie soup along with the tomato juice. Cook on stove top or in oven until veggies are soft and ready to go. You can pressure can leftovers or freeze for future use.

  13. Margaret Ervin Sandberg

    Rump roast bake with potatoes,Carrots onions. Cook Rump roast and serve with mashed potatoes & gravy. Noodles. Veggies.
    Left over roast you can make manhattan’s. Also cut make beef & noodles, pot pie or when you’re down to nibblings… make beef salad as you would chicken or turkey salad. My rump toast would had been consumed long age. 😂

  14. Courtney Phillips

    Use stew meat for BBQ beef.
    Crock-pot on low with a little beef broth, then drain and add BBQ. Cook overnight and you’ll be able to shred the stew meat with a fork!

  15. For the stew meat…..look up the Cutco Cutlery Cookbook and see the Hungarian Goulash recipe in there. It is pretty easy to make and really tasty served over noodles. My son also uses pork tenderloin to make this. He says it is really good.

  16. Tammie Moore Chappell

    Skirt = fajitas
    Roast = roast u can cook with potatoes , onions, carrots, or cook alone & make quesadillas roast sandwiches, etc
    Stew meat= beef tips over rice, Mexican beef tips w Spanish rice

  17. Cheri Krankvich

    Stew meat and skirt is great for steak tacos, burritos and or fajitas. The round would make a great Mississippi pot roast.

  18. I use stew meat in pot pies and chili. In both preparations, I cook the meat for several hours in red wine and beef stock before making chili or pot pies. Skirt steak is best in fajitas. Rump roasts I use for french dip, Mississippi pot roast, and in chimichangas.

  19. Stephanie Barrett

    Beef stew can be used for beef tips and gravy, stroganoff, also cut thin and tenderize and use for fajitas

  20. Stew meat is great for tacos. You just cook with an acid like vinegar or whiskey (1/4 to 1/2c, a taco spice packet, a half cup of both bbq sauce and syrup (or brown sugar) onions, a little garlic, and 1c broth. Throw everything in the crock pot or a deep dish baking pan and cover. In crock pot cook on low 4-6hrs, or in the oven at 325F for 2hrs, but keep checking after 1hr. Feel free to add pickled hot peppers or fresh jalapeños. Whatever you have and like.

  21. Jessica Black Gasbarro

    Wrapped in bacon with the skirt steak. We cut into bite size pieces of meat, season, wrap with bacon and a toothpick. My husband likes his with bbq sauce also

  22. Dianne Tilton Fitchlee

    Use the rump roast for Asian pot roast
    1cup chicken broth
    1cup soy sauce
    1 cup teriyaki sauce
    1 cup brown sugar and 1 tbs ginger whisk together until sugar is dissolved then point over roast in crockpot and cook on low for 6-8 hours
    Should fall apart and we serve over rice
    My son requests this every time he is over for dinner

  23. Ashley Kathleen

    I like using stew meat for beef n noodles. Put it in a crock pot with cream of mushroom, beef broth and a packet of brown gravy powder. When it’s ready, boil some egg noodles and mix together

  24. For the roast, sear, put in crockpot. Mix together 1 packet Italian dressing, 1 packet ranch dressing, and I packet brown gravy mix, adding in 2 cups water. Pour over roast, cook 6-8 hours, enjoy.

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