We not long ago relocated to Nixa, Missouri, United states of america from SW Kansas, United states. This is my vie…

We not too long ago relocated to Nixa, Missouri, Usa from SW Kansas, United states. This is my perspective from the back deck window. We didnt get the opportunity to plant a backyard in the yard, so we’re making an attempt a patio backyard. We certainly like tomatoes, and the actuality that they are prolific from seed! Wish us luck that they’ll generate! Also, there are trees and water near us in comparison to the arid landscape of SW Kansas. We’re roughly 30 minutes north of Branson, Missouri and Desk Rock Lake, this spot of the place is magnificent and I cannot think I dwell in this article!

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44 thoughts on “We not long ago relocated to Nixa, Missouri, United states of america from SW Kansas, United states. This is my vie…”

  1. Lyssa Hildebrant Metcalf

    I grow mine by seed and also other veggies. I’m in ne okla but bad soil so all my garden is buckets or raised beds.

  2. Carolyn Gregg Hacker

    Looks wonderful! It is a beautiful part of the country. Greetings from Euless, Texas.

  3. Greetings from Fremont Hills, Nixa MO. We are in our second home here in Nixa and love our 15 years in the area

  4. Love your area also…have relatives in Harrison Arkansas. I think you are going to have TOMATOES… a nice problem to have. Nothing like home grown fruits and veggies in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your view… from Knoxville, Iowa.

  5. I know I’m a heretic but I don’t like tomatoes but occasionally will plant one orange cherry tomato plant. Did it the year before last…last year three came up…I live in CT so they survived a harsh winter and they ended up taking over the garden…I was giving out a bag of tomatoes to anyone who stopped by

  6. We recently sold a commercial property in Nixa inherited from our parents, who lived in nearby Highlandville. Enjoy the tomatoes!

  7. Kathryn Douglass Tomlin

    Beautiful view and they sure look healthy! Hello from Jersey tomato country and the Garden State, Cape May Court House, New Jersey!

  8. One of my closest friends lives in Nixa! We have visited. It’s lovely. Hi from Corpus Christi, Tx

  9. Ann Garner Daniels

    Looks wonderful, Nixa area is very pretty. My cousin lived there at one time!!? Great place!

  10. Nancy Gaskins Willis

    Lovely view! Hello and stay well from New Bern, North Carolina! Hope you have a great tomato crop!

  11. Good luck!! Delicious tomatoes will be on your table this summer.. greetings fromSW Florida 🌴

  12. Welcome. It is pretty here. Good luck with the tomatoes! Hi from Kimberling City/Tablerock.

  13. Sandi Hess Snider

    Such an awesome view! Looks like you are going to have lots and lots of tomatoes! Indiana USA

  14. Your plants look very healthy, but you might need to prune them a bit to get them to put energy into their fruit and not just the foliage. You can pinch the suckers, new growth from inside the elbows of the older branches, and that will usually trigger a platn to set fruit. Good luck.

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