What can I do with a bunch of leftover cooked

We have a whole gallon of milk that will expire in 3 days!!! What are some recip…

We have a whole gallon of milk that will expire in 3 days!!! What are some recipes for a LOT of milk and not a lot of other ingredients?? We work at Walmart and can pick up a few things, but I need some ideas for what to do with the whole thing!!

No cakes or muffins please.

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  1. Lisa R Williams

    You can freeze it.
    Pudding and pudding cheesecake pie are a good way to use up several cups.
    Cream of potato or anything else soup,
    Ice Milk or add cream too and make ice cream.

  2. Freeze it. Or we always drink ours another 2-4 days past dates. Keep it in back of fridge. And do the smell test

  3. Mix a pack of two of pudding,place in molds with sticks,and freeze.Pudding pops for the kiddies ir adults

  4. No recipes from me but to throw it out there as long as it smells and taste fine my family has used milk up to a couple weeks past the date.

    Dried beef gravy can use a TON of milk up. That was the go to for my family growing up if we didn’t finish our milk by the 1 or 2 week after the best buy date.

  5. Lindy Albrecht

    Rice pudding. I do mine in the microwave. 1 cup of rice,2cups of milk. Bring milk to a boil,add rice, bring back up to a boil then set on half power and cook for 13 minutes. Serve warm with sugar and cinnamon. Just made myself hungry for it. Lol

  6. Patricia D Gravley

    Jello pudding the cook kind is best pour in a Graham cracker crust top with mini marshmallows broil tell brown

  7. Mac n cheese… hamburger helper, I also make chocolate milk when its close to expiring and I have a lot left!

  8. Golden Rod Eggs! Boil about 8eggs, cool. Make a Very buttery rue. Add milk to make gravy. Add sliced eggs,serve over toast,bread, biscuits. I like toast… A lil dark! Yummy!

  9. Shannon L. Arnce

    Tuna and noodles,potato soup, gravy. If you have room freeze in 1 cup portions til you need it.

  10. Eva Melton Taylor

    Milk will be good even fir drinking way past expiration date. Just smell before drinking.

  11. That’s just the sell by date. It is good for days afterwards. But make soups, homemade Mac and cheese, quiche. Scrambled eggs, pancakes, milkshakes

  12. Pudding uses a lot of milk you could simply make that. (chocolate, vanilla, banana etc.) You could also make them into pudding pies.
    Homemade Mac cheese.

  13. Carol Raber Graham

    Just because it expires in 3 days doesn’t mean it will be bad. Sometimes unexpired milk goes bad before the sell by date

  14. I sometimes make fresh cheese (paneer) with a gallon of milk and some vinegar or lemon juice.

  15. Brenda Guillot

    My favorite thing to make with that much milk is cheese, my kids and husband like pudding.

  16. Any kind of white soup, I like potato sausage, there’s recipes online for knockoff olive garden zupa Toscana that are amazing(better than actual olive garden soup anymore)

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