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We are going camping this weekend. Two adults and 3 kids. What a some cheap, eas…

We are going camping this weekend. Two adults and 3 kids. What a some cheap, easy campfire meals other than burgers and hotdogs. I guess you could say we are going glamping because the tent sights have water and electric lol so I can bring my instapot and crockpot不不 so anything at this point that doesnt take a lot of prepping, due to us keeping everything in coolers!

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  1. Carter Kristen

    We do seafood bags . Potatoes , corn , shrimp and smoke sausage . Onions , peppers , old bay season. Place in grill bags

  2. Lori Myers-Stupke

    Meatball subs in the crackpot

    Pizza on the grill ( if u have a grill)

    Walking tacos


  3. Brooke Hawkins

    my dad used to make a dish that had diced potatoes, peppers, onions and polish sausage and it was always a hit and would feed us for two days!!

  4. Haley Blackford

    We usually do Italian beef, pulled pork or pulled chicken in the crock while were out all day then its ready by dinner

  5. Hobo packs hamburger meat veggies like carrots tators onion broccoli butter seasonings wrapped in foil and cooked on the fire coals

  6. Destine Johnson

    We love baked potatoes but we throw them down in the fire. Then use a cast iron skillet and make fried taters also.

  7. Grilled chicken, Italian sausages, pork chops are always good. Add a baked potato or throw some veggies in a tin.cut up some potatoes, onions, green peppers and drizzle olive oil on them and season with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders. Bag of salad with some dressing and croutons. Keep it simple. Crockpot some Mississippi pot roast存tick of butter and these seasoning packets for a few hours. Pork roast in the crockpot with a can of Dr. Pepper for few hours. Shred and top with your favorite bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches.

  8. David-Jenny Ranney

    We like pudgie pies. There are other names out there for it. Butter bread like you do for grilled cheese. On inside put pizza sauce, pizza toppings of choice and cheese. Toast in fire pit using a sandwhich maker.

  9. Wendy Bucher Hudson

    Sloppy Joe’s in the crock pot. You can also use the meat for coneys or walking tacos.

  10. Paula Waisath Metheny

    Wings with celery, carrots, (we also do cucumbers) and your favorite dip (Ranch, blue cheese, )

  11. Hobo (or tin foil) dinners! Just need choice of meat, potatoes, and onions! Throw those bad boys in the fire and check at 15min for doneness

  12. Beth-Ann Cosenza Bourgeois

    Foil packet dinners put some small pieces of meat potatoes veggies into foil make like an envelope and put it by the coals

  13. Evelyn Daring Sharp

    Tin foil add hamburger patty as one onion and sliced potatoes throw on campfire till cooked
    So yummy

  14. Walking tacos! I take my InstantPot with us and cook the meat in that and then assemble. Small bags of Doritos, meat, shredded lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, etc. smush it all together/break up chips with your fork and enjoy!

  15. I would make some type of stew or soup and freeze it. That way you can put it in your cooler and it will help keep everything cold and then you can just thaw it and stick it in a pot to warm it up.

  16. Rosalie Miller

    Cut up your meat and veggies and create dump bags for the crockpot – invest in a few of the crockpot liner bags to eliminate cleanup

  17. Madeline Bowling Humphreys

    Hobo pacs…..some can be made with polish sausage… others with chicken breast or thighs…two different meals but great meals.

  18. Boil in a bag omelette, walking tacos, tin foils – we use frozen meatballs, tater tots, mixed veggies, shredded cheese, seasonings and cream of mushroom soup.

  19. Robin Buckley-Ansley

    I brown ground beef before I leave and make a pot of chili in the crockpot. Everyone roasts their own hotdogs and we have chili cheese dogs, and chili with scoops.
    You can always precook taco meat and warm it on the crockpot . Do Chips and salsa with it.

  20. Darlee Bjerke Sackhoff

    I camped this last weekend and I threw a pork roast in the crock pot, once cooked shredded it and threw on some BBQ sauce for pulled pork sandwiches. Use crock pot liners and easy peesy clean up!

  21. Michelle McShane

    Havent tried this one yet, but will this week.

    Crockpot Low Country Boil

    * 2 packs smoked sausage, cut into 1-inch pieces
    * 1 Bag small red potatoes
    * 6 to 8 small ears corn-on-the-cob
    * 1 onion, cut into wedges
    * 1/4 cup plus 1 teaspoon dry Old Bay seafood seasoning, divided
    * 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
    * Juice from 1 medium lemon
    * 12 ounces beer add more beer later if needed
    * 2 pounds medium (16-20 count) cooked shrimp
    * I put a few shakes of Cajun Seasoning like Tony Chacheres for extra flavor
    * Cocktail Sauce for dipping (optional)

    In a slow cooker crock, combine sausage, potatoes, corn, onion, 1/4 cup Old Bay seafood seasoning, black pepper and lemon juice. Pour in beer.
    Cover slow cooker and cook on HIGH for 2 to 2 1/2 hours or LOW for 4 1/2 to 5 hours.
    In a small bowl, toss shrimp with remaining 1 teaspoon seafood seasoning. Add shrimp to crock and cook for 20 to 30 minutes.

  22. Pat McCormack Smith

    I parboil chicken pieces beforehand- then you can reheat and crisp up w your favorite bbq sauce over a fire.

  23. Sharon Mitchell-Brooks

    Taco in a bag. Taco meat on top of a small bag of doritos add cheese etc. Kids and grown up love this fritos work to with chili even better

  24. Kaylee Danielle

    Hobo chicken, fill foil packets with chicken bacon and cheese plus any veggies of choice.. add butter salt and pepper or seasoning of choice, throw on fire and let them cook until ready. Easy clean up and super delicious.

  25. Tabitha Ferguson

    I’d throw some b/s chicken in a Ziploc with bbq sauce. Then just cook it in the instapot or crockpot until it’s “shreddy ready” and have pulled bbq chicken sammies.

  26. I cook one skillet meals while camping for less clean up after. My favorite is fried potatoes with canned corned beef and tortillas. Fry your potatoes with seasonings until done. Make a whole in the center of the potatoes and dump the can of meat in center. Break it up and mix it into your potatoes. Then crisp them up again. Serve in tortillas. Delicious!!

  27. For lunches we will do meat,cheese,fruit and crackers I prep at home and put in baggies. It’s easy to serve and the left overs can become snacks or sides like the fruit with breakfast. Walking tacos is also another easy lunch.

  28. Belle Mermaid-Morrison

    We are camping too. I brought bread and canned sausage gravy to warm up for breakfast. Also oranges, Yogurt cereal bars, and regular cereal with a can of condenses milk.unch is ham n turkey, pb n honey, banana n Nutella.
    Dinners are dogs, steak ( roast on open fire), brats, n summer sausage to warm over fire. The grocery near us was out of chicken.
    Sides are chips, apples, grapes, avocado, baked beans, Brussel sprouts, zucinni onion mushroom potatoes add butter to roast in foil packets . We call it hobo
    Packing up day is mixed nuts, beef jerky, and Pringles.
    We bring water, pop, n coffee

  29. Alexandra Muncy Hammonds

    I did quesadillas last time we went. Huge hit! I added leftover cut up steak from the night before.

    Meatloaf inside of onion (onion bombs). Wrap in foil and cook in the coals of the fire. I pre did the filling and wrapping at home.

  30. Trina Ganshorn-Segaert

    We do a lot of cooking over the fire our fav is steak. You can do potatoes carrots onions in foil for a side dish

  31. Its not a meal but i do have a tasty desert other than smores. Its waffle cones with mini chocolate chips mini marshmallows bananas strawberries inside. Wrap it in foil and put them on a grate over a camp fire. My kids love them.

  32. We love hobo dinners when we camp. I precook taco meat sometimes to make things easy.
    Frito chili pies, breakfast burritos stuff, egg roll bowl.

  33. Jo Geddes Horton

    We precook and freeze fajitas, chili, spaghetti sauce and any other that you like. By the time you get there, everything is still cold and ready to reheat.

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