Watch from my 250 calendar year old bed room window in the centre of Bath, British isles, the house of …

See from my 250 yr old bed room window in the centre of Bathtub, British isles, the home of lots of a Jane Austen novel. An ancient wild white rose has taken around upcoming door’s beech tree and has coated it with bouquets. But the look at is far more about the attractiveness of the hand-crafted picket sash window alone (and the sophisticated shutters) and the a lot of generations of blessed people who have lived in this article because the 18th century. I experience extremely privileged to be its current custodian. 🇬🇧 🌸

thank for the unique creator Nicola Taylor

42 thoughts on “Watch from my 250 calendar year old bed room window in the centre of Bath, British isles, the house of …”

  1. Norma Whitaker

    Beautiful! And how wonderful to live within such history! Hello from Parker Colorado USA (near Denver)

  2. Donna Miller-Frank

    So beautiful…I would love to visit your gorgeous area some day. Enjoy! Best wishes from Arizona.💙

  3. Carol Guillory

    Visited Bath a few years back, such a lovely place💞. Hello from sunny Corona California 🌞

  4. Judee Schumacher Pronovost

    Cheers from Southern California. I have been to Bath twice. It is a favorite!

  5. Vicky Hartwell-Ivins

    Beautiful !! I am curious how often the window have been replaced. I know today’s top quality windows in the U.S. often have to be replaced after 20 plus years. They don’t make things like they used to. Such a great view you have !

  6. Luanne Geoghegan Collins

    One of my favorites in England…Beautiful! Hello from Orange County, California!

  7. Teri Benedicto

    So lovely, I visited Bath a few years ago, it is a charming city. Hi from McKinney Tx USA

  8. Jackie Citrin Reiser

    My parents went to Bath close to 50 years ago and came home with this menu that is now hanging in my kitchen, I thought you might enjoy seeing it.

  9. We loved visiting Bath in May this year! You are blessed to be able to enjoy living there! Hello from Malibu, California USA.

  10. Cecilia Caldwell

    I was overwhelmed by Bath’s beauty and history. The 2×2” black and white photo of the Crescent Hotel in my art history textbook didn’t prepare me.

  11. Marti Serensits

    Wow! This is lovely. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, USA.

  12. Anne Lawson Noel

    Hello to lovely Bath from Hopkinsville, KY, USA. I was lucky enough to visit several years ago. Heavenly for a Jane Austen fan!

  13. Linda Lyden Buonasera

    Bath was one of my favorite cities when I visited the UK. I need to spend some more time there on my next trip. Hello from Islip, New York, USA

  14. Absolutely stunning! Bath is my favourite English Town. Such age and history is hard for this Aussie to comprehend. Brisbane.

  15. Jo-Netta J Fox

    I LOVED Bath. 5 years ago -the trip that took 2years in the making. I’d do it all over again.

  16. Cindy Hornyak Rivera

    Love everything about this photo and your wonderful story.
    Cheers from Connecticut, USA.

  17. Beautiful! Have visited Bath twice and live your beautiful historic town! Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

  18. Absolutely amazing. I visited Bath once many years ago. So interesting
    A lovely picture!

  19. Thomas Peter Mulligan

    We visited bath for 5days a delightful your view is lovely look after your building stay safe from Auckland newzealand

  20. Lois Cunningham

    Wow! That’s awesome! Greetings Bath UK from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦 and may God bless you always 🙏 Your view is something else and the colors in your trees. What an awesome house with a lot of history

  21. Margaret Anderson

    Very interesting story and lovely view. It’s amazing how one plant can take over another!!!!

  22. I think that’s the only time I’ve focused more on the window than the view! Both are fabulous 😍

  23. Lynda Stauderman

    I loved visiting Bath and my tour guide was a hoot! You are so lucky to live there and be the current keeper! Best wishes from San Diego, California 🌴🇺🇸

  24. Michele Jacobson

    It’s wonderful! I loved Bath and look forward to returning- regards from Richmond Virginia USA

  25. Rena Stutman Rice

    Love Bath—have visited twice. Hello from Brooklyn, NY where we live in a brownstone row house from the 1880s, also with original shutters.

  26. Christine Oliver Schafrick

    What a gorgeous view. Just loved my visit to Bath, and the U K. Sending love, peace, and God’s blessings to you from Vancouver, Canada. Stay safe.

  27. Marilin States Grahn

    Your view is indeed lovely.
    Loved spending a day (& could’ve happily spent many more) wandering within the walls of Bath.
    Hope to one day return.
    Best wishes from BC, Canada 🇨🇦

  28. Delena Molder Murphy

    Beauty and history!!! 🤠 I’m sending you a heartfelt “Howdy” from Texas, where the Temperature Humidity Index is 104° right now!!

  29. Reneé Van Pratt

    Greetings from the USA! We visited Bath and loved the charming centre, as well as what we could see around the town. Beautiful and peaceful place. Enjoy!

  30. It’s all lovely…. The greenery, that gorgeous rose, the window and shutters!
    What a saw blessing to live there!
    Does the rose have a scent?

  31. Oh, you are so right Nicola Taylor! Such a beautiful view and that window is so detailed too. I visited Bath in 2018. I love the UK 🇬🇧 and thought Bath was one of the prettiest spots we visited. I look forward to returning o e day. Hello from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

  32. Jeanette Bullock

    I visited Bath years ago. Lovely place! Love that ancient wild rose, and everything about this picture! Hello from Auburn, California, USA

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