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War Reports Western media frenzy suggests 39Russia invades Ukraine39

War Reports: Western media frenzy suggests 'Russia invades Ukraine'

And even more stoking tensions close to Ukraine – the Western Media has been flooded with reviews heading as considerably as suggesting the Russian army is invading Ukraine. Anastasia Churkina takes a nearer glance.

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31 thoughts on “War Reports: Western media frenzy suggests 'Russia invades Ukraine'”

  1. The media in the west MSM never or rarely address's the accusations pointed at their countries by the AM and often RT. IE the chemical weapons attack in syria . This should make anyone skeptical of MSM .

  2. Yea.. hahaha, this is really funny. Surrounding army barracks? Capturing an air base? Not an invasion??? Stupid propaganda, you have to be really stupid to not see through this crap. So whats going on then? the ukrainian army sure as hell isn't in control, they're hiding in their baracks! outnumbered by soldiers with better equipment and vehicles who are they? The amateurs from the camp you just showed? hahahahaha! If that was true the ukrainian military would have dealt with them by now.

  3. The camp has been there for 11 days and the have NOTHING? Its not even a real camp! You can't even sleep there lol!! I bet that was the only day that guy came to that "camp" haha

  4. Guys, for fucks sakes, maybe you like RT and that is fine, but what rational human being doesn't think it's a little bit more than god damn crazy that they can't even admit Russian troops are in Crimea. I am sure you can lie to yourself enough to say 2+2+5, but fuck, you know it, Russian troops are there, and RT is showing one thing, as bad as the Western media is, they are worse, because they are pissing on your leg and telling you it's rain. I mean fuck how bad can you get, 'Western Media Hysteria' that Russian troops are in Ukraine. Yeah, those are thousands of well armed, well trained, local militias who just happen to be walking around in Russian uniforms. God help the retards so far down the rabbit hole they don't know the difference between up and down. 

  5. It's so obvious that the guy was waiting to be interviewed. "Go over there and look busy till I come with the camera." Lol. RT really thinks people are stupid..this is hilarious!


  7. Look at this now from RT , Putin is seriously a dictator and is following Stalin's foot steps. Tells RT what kind of videos to make and what kind of videos to not make. Also the propaganda now used by Russians in Ukraine just creates even more conflict . Crimea now is brainwashed like never before it was all perfect before in Crimea. FUCK Putin i have nothing against Russians themselves but Putin is imperialists 

  8. Look at the facts. The United States and the West have been destabilizing and toppling Nations for decades. All in the name of protecting the petrodollar and the fractional reserve banking scam. What started this conflict? The elected president of Ukraine was going to take a bailout deal with Russia instead of the IMF. Paid provocateurs where sent it to destabilize. Just look at who they put in power after the coup. A pro West Jewish banking oligarch. Russia is being attacked because they stopped the regime change plans in Syria. Americans still buy into the communist USSR. Russia is not communist anymore! They kicked them out. They are in America now. Just look at the 10 planks of the communist manifesto. We meet all of them. Welcome to USSA.

  9. RT is also Russian government financed. Self-defence units protect local population in Crimea. Lies… They are organized to size power in Crimea and give it in hands of Russian troops who are deployed in Crimean penninsula.

  10. This video should be compulsory viewing for everyone. Of course there is no Russia troops in Crimea… Well. There wasn't until Putin told the world that they were Russian all along. 

  11. Fake News at it again. This time European Media Companies join US media companies to coordinate a false crisis. Follow the Money, Russia stands to secure more energy for Western Europe which means more wealth for Russians( that's a good thing) Financial interest in US and Western Europe especially in Britain want a cut of that income. Western Capitalist have always had there greedy eyes on Russia's vast natural resources. They financed the communist revolution, and now their trying new strategies on controlling Russia's wealth.

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