Victoria, British Columbia, Canada…

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The town at dawn from my bed room window

thank for the first creator Barbara Marengo

45 thoughts on “Victoria, British Columbia, Canada…”

  1. Visited Victoria many times my whole life before I retired to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 🇲🇽 from Seattle 🌞🌺🌴

  2. Awww I love this! Victoria is my home town!! Such a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing it today as it would have been my dads 93 birthday and it meant a lot to see home today. ❤️

  3. Is that a boat yard? I have not yet made it to Victoria. One day. I hear they have dragon boat races. It’s a must see apparently. Hello from Phoenix Az USA

  4. Patty Macready

    Isn’t Victoria where Funkanometry are from? I enjoy watching the clever choreography from those young men.

  5. Catherine Morrisey

    Gee, I’m looking for something familiar. I lived there about 50 years ago. There weren’t many high rises then. Greetings from London, Ontario, Canada

  6. Rhonda Sleighter

    I had the best time in Victoria a few years ago with my book club. I look forward to another visit. Hello from Anchorage, Alaska.

  7. Kathryn Blake Wright

    Hello from Fernwood haha. You have a much better view of our city than I do. Great pic. So lucky to live here.

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