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Ukraine Media War Fake content triggers big news

Ukraine Media War: Fake content triggers big news

The confrontation more than Ukraine has been unfolding not only on the ground, but in the media as nicely. And what seems to be an exaggeration of primary facts has led to some dubious reporting.

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RT (Russia Right now) is a worldwide information network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the very first information channel to split the 1 billion YouTube sights benchmark.

29 thoughts on “Ukraine Media War: Fake content triggers big news”

  1. RT, you gotta do better than that.
    Many Westerners have been to Russia and Ukraina, and those who have, remember perfectly well that in many supermarkets, prices are tagged in US-$.
    So it's actually you who are the fakers!

  2. lol… The biggest truth benders on the internet (R T) saying this?….I love coming here, never fails to put a smile on my face. You guys should start looking for another Job…Ruble – 9% and this is just the start. hope your paid in us dollars… ha ha.. actually you all should start looking for another job..The direction Russia is going soon your boss (Putin) will be broke…and for me.. Putin no money = me no R T funny.

  3. I am an American but I don't support our corrupt government. All RT or anyone else has to do to deal with the US (Israeli) government, is to expose what our government has already done in other countries, many times in the past, e.g. Chile, Panama, Granada, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Phillipines. Invasions, support and training of brutal dictators (School of the Americas), in addition to drug trafficking and massive money laundering (Panama, Costa Rica, Grand Caymans), illegal online gambling, and protection of companies that handle huge money laundering accounts such as KPMG,  Price Waterhouse, etc.

  4. Hey Igor you a Russian?? Razvedchik does not mean only spy but can also means scout, recon, intelligence, or agent too. Like GRU, glavnoe razveditelnoye upravlenie. Main Intelligence Directorate.

  5. What about disinformation by the Russians? And what is the name of the guy on the left pointing out these 'facts' – How do we know he's not hired by higher Russian authorities with the purpose to create disinformation himself? I think there will be propaganda from both sides. I still have trouble believing anything coming from the Russian side, eventhough I would like to believe that they could be purely objective. After all, Russians claimed Finland fired the first shot against Russia in 1939, leading Russia to attack Finland and start The Winter War.    

  6. What source did this crap come from? Not going to point fingers but all news lie to much. Not to long ago RT news made a video showing citizens leaving Crimea do to new Kiev regime, it was actually Ukraine/Poland border. They are also supported by so many people.

  7. Bottom line is this pussy puppet illegal Ukrainian over government is going to fall very soon and then that bitch yatsenyuk is going to run for his life the bitch , I'm sure Victoria nulan will take him in and feed him pastries hahahaha

  8. James H. Fetzer, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Sunday. He said that "any attempt to encircle the Russian Federation by the US is destined to fail and that the future belongs to Russia, China and Iran, not to the West.  I agree.

  9. “The latest report of Obama adopting the strategy to encircle Russia is simply one more manifestation of the incompetence of American foreign policy in this day and age,” Fetzer said.

  10. “In my opinion any attempt to encircle Russia is destined to failure. The future appears to be one in which Russia, China and Iran together emerge as a mighty power in the world, and where the US efforts to staunch the flow of history are misconceived…and will not make a significant difference to the way events are going to play out,” Fetzer emphasized.

  11. Last night I heard in the radio (NYC station) that a civil war was about to break any time in Ukraine. They also reported that it appears that members of the Right Sector had killed a civilian and two pro-Russian activists in Slavyansk in a deadly shootout.

  12. Today, no one in the mainstream american "free press" mentioned the neo-fascist Right Sector in the attack in Slavyansk.  They might have received a call from the White House. Shame. Shame.

  13. Didn't RT have an anchor quit on live television recently because of a policy promoting misinformation, propaganda and blatant USA bashing?  oh yeah….

    But do go on telling me about how you're exposing these fake news stories….

  14. I am not a fan of propaganda, no matter who is doing it.
    It is a shameless. I do get my news from RT but I also get my news from other sources like, TYT, Yahoo news, CNN, MSNBC, among other online media sources.
    I obviously ignore FOX news and dont watch that. Talk about ignorance and propaganda. 

  15. RT is funny it fakes more news the anybody else, and then starts pointing the finger at other newschannels.. how dumb can you be. I'm not stupid RT, maybe the other viewers are..

  16. Things like these from Western Medias are routine stuff.  Nothing really new and people have or are waking up to the facts.  No one really takes ABC, BBC, FOX, NBC, CNN and any other western News Organisations seriously anyway.  We all know they are bias and they report false news and spread false information on behalf of their masters.

  17.  Russian troll army disclosed. Read this article on how the russian trolls are organisaed and financed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/maxseddon/documents-show-how-russias-troll-army-hit-america
    By the way: this saturday, Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reported that on its Dutch website over 50% of reactions were done by (pro) russians, defending Putin and his activities in Ukraine and questioning the causes of the attack on MH17. This  is considered remarkable by De Volkskrant, because readers of De Volkskrant tend to be socio-liberal and do not corespond at all with Putin's ideas on society and international politics…Volkskrant's conclusion is that russian trolls also found their way to Dutch media websites…

  18. Why didn't Russia Today cover the massive demonstration of today, September 21 st, in Moscow by tens of thousands of people against the war the Putin's russia is engaged in in Ukraine???
    Tens of thousands protested today, Sept. 21st, in Moscow against the Russian war against Ukraine!
    В центре Москвы были демонстрации против вмешательства России в Украине . Тысячи По мнению наблюдателей , там были люди в возрасте от 10 000 и 20 000 на ноги , полиция держать его на 5000 участников . Организация наблюдателей за выборами заявил, что 26 000 человек прошли через металлоискатели , где протестующие были пройти . Протестующие выкрикивали лозунги , как " Нет войне " и " Хунта в Кремле , а не в Киеве . " Согласно официальной российской чтения ,прозападное правительство пришли к власти в результате государственного переворота в руках . Введено Московские власти дали разрешение на марш протеста . Полиция была в силе в центре города . Когда демонстрация закончилась агентов, посланных группы демонстрантов все еще nableven далеко.Москва отрицает вмешательство в конфликт между правительством в Киеве и пророссийских сепаратистов . Но в соответствии с Украиной и Западом дает Кремля военную поддержку повстанцам .

  19. It's just good to see that the world is slowly but surely waking up to see what has been going on All Along , since the dawn of Television📺…
    They "tell" "a" "vision" and you believe it 🤦‍♀️📺it's called TV programming for a reason🤷🏽‍♀️

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