I have several fresh peaches What can I make NOT

Ugh. It’s hot and getting hotter. Heat index in WV is already over 100°. My husb…

Ugh. It’s hot and getting hotter. Heat index in WV is already over 100°. My husband doesn’t want to grill out and he doesn’t want me to fire up the oven or stove top.
What can I make?
It’s too late (after 1pm)to put something in a crockpot. We had sandwiches for lunch and he can’t eat lettuce.

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  1. Barbara Wiseman

    BLT”s put your bacon in the microwave. That’s what we had ladt night with homegrown tomatoes, corn on the cob and cottage cheese. Nice summer meal.

  2. Make Texas toast with cheese pizza in the air fryer. Frozen Texas toast, pizza sauce, cheese and the toppings are endless. Pepperoni, peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives etc ( veggie lover here 😂)

  3. My Mom would make cantaloupe and cottage cheese but any cut up fruit/vegetable work add some salt if you like

  4. Pasta salad. You can cook pasta in the microwave, then add whatever veggies, meats, cheese, etc you like. Mix in your favorite dressing. I grew up in South Georgia and live in Florida now. Hot is a fact of life around here, lol…sadly about 8-9 months out of the year. When I do use the oven or grill, we cook several pieces of meat to have leftovers for later in the week. I feel for the rest of the country and overseas dealing with this heat. It’s definitely no fun!

  5. My mother used multiple appliances on porch or in garage – remember electric skillet alot- we’ve actually used electric pressure cooker on porch too-

  6. Francis Basden

    Bbq some little smokies in crockpot…they don’t take very long. You can have potatoe salad and baked beans with it.

  7. Jessica D Howell

    Walmart has jack Daniels BBQ just put it in the microwave! BBQ sandwiches and chips!

  8. Takes 7 minutes to fry pan chicken breasts. Localized hear. Turn on the stove top fan and cook the chicken.
    It’s 114 here today. I am wokking tonite. Fast and done on the stovetop

  9. I cook then freeze many meals for just this reason. Made lasagna the other day then cut into portions, wrapped in plastic wrap, put in freezer bag. I do same with soups, potroast , chilli, casseroles etc. Now when its so unbearably hot I can thaw and microwave.

  10. Karen Richards

    Air fry something, if you have one. It won’t heat up the house and you’ll get yummy food. I got mine while it was on clearance and it’s been a lifesaver during our heatwave. I do not want to cook at all right now.

  11. Renee C Bulmer

    I’m microwaving sweet potatoes and heating some black beans and add a little cheese and salsa. It’s a 99 degrees with heat index at 112 where I am.

  12. Cassandra McDonald

    Cheese quesadillas. Microwave to melt cheese between wraps. Serve with salsa,.guacamole, sour cream etc

  13. Doris Gigli Perry

    Open Face roast beef sandwiches. Get the roast beef from the deli. Make a envelope of gravy or open a jar. Put on toasted bread or make with premade mashed potatoes
    Cooked Rotisserie chicken from the grocery store with premade mashed potatoes and frozen or canned veggies like corn or green beans.
    Rotisserie chicken can be used in tons of dishes.
    On a cooler day make extra food to freeze and reheat at a later time. Shredded chicken can be used in lots of dishes like salads , tacos, wraps, quesadillas , etc
    Shredded pork can as well.

  14. Lauren Brooke Tipton

    It’s 108 to 110 today where I live and we are just going out Its way too hot too cook anything I’m so ready for Fall I hate summer

  15. Marcie Breaux Johnson

    We are in AZ and my husband better get that grill going or he is eating Wish sandwiches, ghost toast and air pudding. I can eat a cup of noodles. 🤣😂😭

  16. April Miryam Loranna Dove

    Do you have a Airfryer? I’m making cheeseburgers 🍔 in mine right now and they taste like they where grilled ( previous experience) 🙂

  17. Stephanie McGrath

    Breakfast for supper. No grill or oven. Abit of bacon, eggs, and toast and you are good to go.

  18. Annika Poggenpohl

    Lentil salad (can of brown lentils, rinsed; diced onions & bell pepper; vinegar, a bit of olive oil, spices) – mix in a bowl and put bowl in fridge for 1 hour – very filling and stays good in the fridge for 5 days. Or, fruit salad and crackers. Also for the future I’d boil eggs and pasta and keep them in the fridge for the meals of the next few days. Tuna salad with tomato and cucumber would work as well. Make sure you have some protein with the meal, it will make you feel full longer.

  19. I can’t blame him 4 all that 4 real makes complete sense….have cereal with banana or tuna sandwich with chips

  20. Donna Lundquist

    Tara Shilt, I know you said your husband is tired of grilling but he dont have to stand or sit out there with this dish, get two aluminfoil tins and put whatever meat u want in it and all the veggies u want in it, I put peeled and cut potatoes with yellow, red and orange bell peppers sliced, cut up celery, sliced carrots, lots of onions and I just lay them in the tin side by side then i pour lots of garlic and onion powder over the top of everything, with ground rosemary, chef pauls magic seasoning and u can use that on every food, cold and hot, it is so delicious, amazon has it, i use lots and lots of it, it has 12 different seasonings in it, i love it on my green salads with the salad supreme too. and then i put parsley all over all of it then put lots of butter or margarine and it can be hard, but put big tablespoons on the top of all the food after u have seasoned it all and put tin foil over the top of your big tins, have hubby put on grill then go back in the cool house and just leave it for 30 minutes and then u check the carrots, celery, and meat to make sure they are cooked, if not put it back on for another 15 minutes, but make sure you shut that grill cover and we use propane in ours . I’m sending a pic to show u

  21. Jeanne Christensen

    Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, deli meats, cottage cheese, yogurt and can of mixed fruit. Jello. Cantaloupe and vanilla ice cream.

  22. Barbara Little Larsen

    Do you have an air fryer? It uses a lot less energy than an oven or a stove. I cook chicken wings, corn on the cob, baked potatoes. I only cook for one and these have different cooking times so you might have to reheat the first item to be cooked. I have set up a crock pot meal the night before and put it the fridge. Then in the morning I dump it in the crock pot.

  23. Charlotte Mcbride Striplin

    We always liked to have fresh fruit and veggies with dip when it’s hot outside.
    Celery sticks, carrot sticks, sliced cucumber, sweet potato sticks, olives, chunk cheese, crackers, Ranch dip.
    Sliced watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries, kiwifruit, grapes, etc. Just food for thought.

  24. Rebecca Harter

    Microwave some ground beef and go from there. Maybe add some taco seasoning. I remember cooking alot of things in a hotel microwave when I traveled with my kids. Usually it was trash taco salad, because they liked it. Baked potatoes, and you could probably do a egg roll in a bowl too.

  25. Jeremy N Debi Potts

    I use an electric griddle in the kitchen, or my electric skillet. Both of them are great and don’t heat up the kitchen.

  26. PB&J with cold milk. That’s what I had for dinner. He ate it and we laughed like kids.

    You could do cheese n crackers and fruit (grapes, apples, etc) too. It’s too hot to cook and too expensive to go out to eat.

  27. Cook some rice up. Put it in a bowl and mix .with tomatoes, avocado, corn, lettuce, and black beans and refrigerate. I top it with a salsa ranch and tortilla strips you have yourself a southwest salad.

  28. Jeannie Bubier Negley

    Taco salad – taco meat, black & kidney beans mixed, cuke chopped, shredded cheese, lettuce/spinach (you could make part of it without lettuce) crushed cool ranch doritos & creamy Italian salad dressing, made in 9×13. I used to put the chips on it, but they do get soggy if not eaten all at once so now everyone sprinkles them on before eating. It’s a nice cool, but filling meal on a hot day

  29. If hubby doesn’t you to fier up the stove or grill I would have him go get take out or figure something to eat . I love spaghetti salad when it it’s hot . Filling and cold

  30. Instant pot and air fryers don’t heat up the house.
    We use our air fryer for 90% of our meals.

  31. Kathleen Jayne

    Invest in a air fryer and a instant pot if you haven’t already. You can make just about anything in those without heating up the house

  32. Connie ChesserTalley

    Are you a member of Pinterest. If so there are lots of crockpot ideas. I seen one this morning where you put your meatloaf in and 2 bake potatoes. Put your meatloaf in the middle and then 2 bake potatoes on each side of meatloaf. Let it cook for about I think it said 8 to 10 hours. Good Luck!!! You put foil on your potatoes just like you would put them in the oven to bake.

  33. Air fryers are wonderful! We fix pork chops, hamburgers, chicken in it all the time … heat up canned veggies in the microwave
    Electric skillets are great too

  34. Amanda Scarborough

    Air fryer! And we r in south Texas with heat indexes reaching 120 😳😳😳 I feel ya girl I don’t run my stove/oven if I don’t have too.

  35. Kate Holtslander

    If you don’t have air conditioning even using an air fryer will increase the heat in your house. But it wont last very long. As food cooks quickly. But you’re better off frying something up like maybe a breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, french toast, any kind of eggs..

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