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Trying to reinvent my relationship with tuna, Mayo isn’t my favorite. Can someon…

Trying to reinvent my relationship with tuna, Mayo isn’t my favorite. Can someone recommend dry tuna recipes? I love pickles 😋

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  1. Carole Revelle

    Substitute sour cream for mayo. I do that for chicken salad, cole slaw and potato salad too. I add a few drops (or more depending on size making) of apple cider vinegar.

  2. I use 2 cans of tuna, dill pickle relish, a tsp of salt and pepper each and 3tbsp of plain yogurt.

  3. Then dice up some pickle and add your tuna to it. Or cut the pickle in half and scrap out the insides mix with tuna and add it to the rest of the pickle

  4. Have you had marzettis dressing? I use that in salads like chicken and tuna. I’m not big on mayo either but love the Marzettis slaw dressing

  5. Deana Anderson

    I dont like mayo much either. I have made tuna salad using hummus and it was a game changer!

  6. Joyce Gates-Lowrey

    We mix tuna with cooked noodles, cream of mushroom soup and frozen peas and bake in a casserole dish at 350 for 45 min can add crushed fried onions, corn flakes, crackers or panko to top for crispness if you like

  7. I mix a can of tuna with canned green beans and liberally pepper it. Put in microwave for a min and a half. It’s an old WW thing my mom used to make for her lunches. I think the original had a piece of Kraft Cheese on it too….I don’t bother with that but you might want to.

  8. Tori Syxx Whitmire

    On some salad with pickles, onions, parmesan whisps(acts like croutons) shredded cheese, pepper and mustard soo good.

  9. Jennifer Froman

    I like the flavored tuna packets. Lemon pepper and smoked are really good by themselves

  10. Bumblebee tuna has a chipotle flavor that is so good! I know you said no mayo, so you could mix in some avocado to make it creamy 🙂 serve on sliced cucumbers!

  11. Diana Thompson

    Chopped red onion, chopped pickles, tuna, and mix well together. Nothing else needed unless you add some fresh chopped tomato so it won’t be too dry.

  12. Kelaguen – it’s a Guam dish. Tuna, chopped green onion, chopped pepper, and lemon juice. Serve with tortillas in place of traditional Titiyas

  13. Karla Hooker Denney

    I like mayo, but sometimes use honey mustard, cottage cheese, or Cole slaw mixed in

  14. I don’t like mayo either. When i make tuna i add a little bit of yellow mustard 😬 and I usually eat it on ritz crackers

  15. Teressa Johnson

    This may be a bit strange, but my go to is Chic-Filet sauce. It’s in the condiment isle st Walmart. I’ve used it in deviled eggs, tuna, lunch meat.

  16. Tara Lovecchio

    What about ranch dressing. My mayo had gone bad and ranch was the only thing I had so I used it and it actually tasted pretty good

  17. I don’t eat Mayo at all. I’ve mixed it with Italian dressing, avocado, lots of cut up pickle and some pickle juice, mustard, yogurt… depends on my mood.

  18. I like olive oil and balsamic vinegar or lemon juice salt and pepper onion peppers and tomatoes

  19. Melly Michelle

    If you like ceviche.. you can do that with the tuna.. just let the tuna marinate in lime juice for a while.

  20. Christine Valet

    You can search for a recipe but I came across one for tuna patties (like salmon patties). I love tuna – tuna melts, tuna sandwiches, etc but my boyfriend does not so I was excited to try them. They were so good! We ate them using chick-fil-a sauce.

  21. Joanna McCloskey Thornhill

    Tuna goes really well with oil. So try olive oil & seasonings, or vinaigrette dressings. It’s good with a Greek vinaigrette, Italian dressing, etc. or try avacado

  22. Rose-Ann Parrino Oldham

    I have mixed canned tuna (drained) with COTTAGE CHEESE. Put it on toast with one slice of melted American Cheese. Try it – its really tasty!

  23. Catalina Maria Marquez

    In our family when i was little we would get tuna in olive oil and soak up the olive oil on bread and eat that and it was delicious. And the tuna on the side was good too.

  24. This is really good for lunch or snack. Cold Tuna Noodle Salad with tuna, finely chopped red onions, frozen peas, pre-cooked seashell macaroni (Medium seashell macaroni is the best. The tuna mixture gets in the shells and makes it delicious), season salt, pepper, and miracle whip…delicious. Make ahead of time and let sit in the refrigerator. This is the only way I like miracle whip, so don’t shy away from it for that reason. Try it, it is addicting. I live off it.

  25. Bobbi Jo Sandberg

    I like to mix a can of tuna with about 1/2 c cottage cheese, a fat squirt of mustard, chopped dill pickles and some pepper and dill. Lots more protein and about the same calories as as tablespoon of mayo!

  26. I have been buying the Tuna packets at Dollar General and I love the the lemon pepper tuna,also Jalapeno tuna,no mayo.I usually eat with a salad,but try with anything you like.They also have several other kind.You could add lemon pepper seasoning to your tuna,They also have Ranch,add dry ranch seasoning to tuna….etc

  27. Tuna burgers…
    Can of chicken noodle soup ) don’t dilute)
    Can of tuna
    2tspoons of minced onion
    Grated parmesan cheese ( like you sprinkle on spaghetti)
    Mix all together and d spread on hamburger bun halves
    Put under the broiler for approximately 14 minutes. Make sure the tuna mixture goes to the edge of the bun. Makes about 8 open faced sandwiches

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