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11 thoughts on “To those who camp help !! I’m running out of ideas”

  1. Jennifer Marie Wessler

    Rotisserie chicken, either rice or cauliflower rice, Queso(the white cheese for dipping or nachos), season if you like and it’s like the Mexican restaurant polo Feliz

  2. I’ve been making things in bigger throw away pans. Meatball subs, steak potatoes, chicken nachos, Italian sausage and veggies… I look a lot of things on Pinterest

  3. Charity Fergusson

    Baked potatoes with all the fixings. I’ve used shredded bbq chicken, taco meat as some toppings as well.

    Walking tacos, pancakes/waffles,

  4. I’ve done this on oven grates over a fire & with a camp stove. Cook bacon in a iron skillet, then dump scrambled eggs in & serve with white bread. That’s always been a camp breakfast. My grown kids still ask for it. I’ve also made hamburger helper that way.

  5. Tabitha Stevens Ouellette

    Walking tacos , I prepare the meat ahead of time so I only have to warm it up when I get there 😁
    Also, spaghetti is a good easy meal to prepare ahead of time. All you have to do is heat it up

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