Timperley, Cheshire, United kingdom. I moved into this tiny Victorian cottage terrace 16 y…

Timperley, Cheshire, British isles. I moved into this minimal Victorian cottage terrace 16 decades back following a terrible divorce 😔. Its been a cosy, attractive house for my daughter and I and we both like living right here 🏡☺️ I enjoy wanting and studying everyone’s posts. Have a fantastic working day all people x

thank for the original creator Sharon Williams

45 thoughts on “Timperley, Cheshire, United kingdom. I moved into this tiny Victorian cottage terrace 16 y…”

  1. Rebecca Woodard ReVille

    Very beautiful! Living a wonderful life is the best revenge. Greetings from NC, USA.

  2. What a beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing your world from Ponchatoula Louisiana USA

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!❤Love your hydrangeas, such pretty colors.
    Greetings from Cape Town, SA.

  4. I could sit in that swing all day in your gorgeous garden! ❤️ from San Ramon, California USA

  5. Beautiful! Lovely flowers! Great basket chair! Nice description! Greetings from Milledgeville, GA, USA.

  6. Kathy Campbell

    Looks so wonderful and peaceful!😊 Thank you for sharing! Warm wishes from Folsom, California – USA

  7. Helena Kandiliotis Xenofos

    Looks wonderful! Enjoy your new life and be happy! Hello from Huntsville, Alabama USA.

  8. Beautiful and serene place! Be happy many, many years in this wonderful “little cottage terras”! Greetings from Bucharest Romania 🌈💥

  9. Joanna Ellis Alekos

    Beautiful view! You have made this into a beautiful oasis for you and your daughter! Best wishes from Mississippi USA

  10. Love your beautiful hydrangea…can’t have them where I live (now in the mountains of NC where the deer eat them) but used to have them in NY…all colors ~ Brevard, NC

  11. You have such a gorgeous garden! The grass is like green velvet! All the plants are so colorful and pretty! I love your chair! Blessings from SE Texas, USA.

  12. Jackie Ratzky Smith

    Your house sounds adorable. I wish you could post pics of the inside, bet it’s so cute. Your yard is so pretty. Greetings from Orange County, California🌞

  13. My very dear Great, Great Aunt lived in Timperley. It was a very special place to visit when I was younger.

  14. Lovely 😊 your flowers 💐 😍 💛 are beautiful and you have made a delightful sanctuary for you and your daughter!! Hello 👋 🫂

  15. Lovely scene, thank you for sharing this beauty with us all. Summer greetings from Prosser, Washington state USA.

  16. So happy for you that you found your place of freedom!
    Love from St. Louis, Missouri, USA 🇺🇸

  17. Charmaigne Lochtkamper

    Your Hydrangeas are magnificent- they must love growing in such a peaceful environment created by you! Greetings from QLD Australia 🇦🇺

  18. You’ve made a wonderful home with a beautiful garden to enjoy your lives. G’day from Tweed Heads Australia

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