This is watch from our dwelling space. This is my delighted put for now. I am from the…

This is view from our residing room. This is my happy put for now. I am from the region of Georgia and I am learning and functioning incredibly much from my nation, in the Usa, lacking my relatives every single working day. From time to time, when I am stressed, I’m thinking, how I am going to go away this splendor and create every thing from scratch back again in my place. But mostly, I am wondering, I am blessed now. I have the option to study so several issues, stay in this attractive put and when I go again, I will make my joyful put in Ga countryside and develop joy for my relatives. Let’s see. This watch is from Davis, California, Usa

thank for the authentic creator Khatia Basilashvili

49 thoughts on “This is watch from our dwelling space. This is my delighted put for now. I am from the…”

  1. I was supposed to be in Georgia in 2020… so hope to visit one day. What a lovely garden. From South Australia 🇦🇺

  2. Joanne Daybrow Stone

    My daughter went to UC Davis and I’ll be there tomorrow to visit her! Davis is such a cute college town!

  3. Mary Jane Kelso

    I graduated from UC Davis back when dinosaurs still roamed the.Earth. Well maybe not quite that long ago. It is a great school. Hello from the mountains east of San Diego, California. 💕

  4. Lenka Kellermann

    I wish you and your family your dreams come true! I had to leave my country in your age and am feeling with you.

  5. My dear, how charming! Everything will work out. Enjoy this adventure. Hello from Austin, TX!

  6. Beautiful, and welcome to California! What are you studying?
    Hi from Menlo Park a couple of hours away.

  7. I love your brave, realistic and hopeful point of view and plans. And yes, in suh glorious surroundings.I hope and pray you press forward to the end of you goal. I have no doubt of your success. Peace. ❤

  8. I am glad you are enjoying it here but I understand your longing to return to your true home

  9. Joan Williams Sehested

    Howdy from The Woodlands, Texas. I like your happy place here in the USA…It looks like a lovely landing spot until you can return to the happy place of your dreams back home in Georgia. May all your wishes come true, Khatia. 😊

  10. Tricia Kelley-Finch

    What a beautiful view, even if it’s temporary. I graduated from UC Davis 21 years ago. I hope you enjoy your time in the area. Hello from Spokane, WA 😊💕

  11. June Staab Blair

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! Look on my friends list. There is a girl named Nino Krilova Lilja. She is from Georgia & now is married to Peter Lilja who is from Sweden & his bio mother is from Uzbekistan. They have 4 American born kids. Peter lived with us for about 7 years. You can ask her to become a friend & she can share her American experiences.

  12. Elaine Davis Weber

    Beautiful view. Enjoy. Good luck with your studies and your life’s changes that will be coming. Hi 👋 from Montgomery, Illinois USA

  13. Elizabeth Towles Hurley

    Your current home is beautiful, but I understand the pull to go home. Best wishes from Biloxi, Mississippi USA.

  14. Many blessings! Stay strong! You will build beauty for your family in Georgia. ❤️🌸❤️🌸

  15. Clara Lee Toomer

    Beautiful view, wishing you the best when you go back to your homeland a d make your new paradise. Greetings from Yucca Arizona 🏜

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I’m sure you will make your own paradise in Georgia. Hello from Colorado.

  17. What a gorgeous picture! Congratulations on your studies. I am so excited to visit Georgia one day. It’s very high on my list. Sending wishes for a wonderful summer from Connecticut.🧡

  18. Such a beautiful view. Hope it continues to bring you peace and comfort during your studies here in the US. Best wishes for your future, something tells me it will be bright! From Bonita, CA

  19. Absolutely gorgeous. I know your city very well. Ex northern Cali lady. Hi from the dry 🏜️ desert of Tucson Arizona USA

  20. You ARE very lucky to be able to stay in such a beautiful place while you study. Always see it with fresh eyes every day, and remember all the beautiful places in Georgia which you will see again. Good luck!

  21. Diane Hunter Guy

    Good luck and God bless. I hope your dreams come true! Blessings to you and your family from Jacksonville FL USA.

  22. Ann-Marie Buckley

    You are very brave to take this opportunity. It will create memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Enjoy every experience and be happy xx

  23. A gorgeous view to sustain you as you’re far from home. But I love your country, too, and think of the many beautiful views in Tbilisi and beyond. You’ll go back and create another wonderful view in your wonderful country.

  24. Natalie Stardustson

    California is amazing! I live in the same struggle as you, because Bulgaria is also beautiful and somehow I am dreaming for going back home. But, yes we are learning here a lot❤️🌹🍀⭐️

  25. Shauvonne Hubick

    Beautiful, I have also been to your Georgia, we really enjoyed our visit there. Loved the food and the wine.

  26. Maureen Henderson

    Wishing you only the best for your future. Only you can build a better life for yourself and your family.💓💖

  27. Beautiful view. May you find comfort and joy in each day, new friendships to encourage you while away from your family. Hello from just a bit south in California USA!

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