This is the watch from my deck. My family has been blessed to contact this mountain …

This is the see from my deck. My family members has been blessed to connect with this mountain check out, property because 1892. We at the moment have 3 generations living on the ranch. My moms and dads, my family and my brother and his family. The ranch takes alot so we do not vacation substantially but we certain do have a slice of heaven at our finger ideas. Fort Klamath, Oregon United states of america. 35 miles south of Crater Lake Countrywide Park.

thank for the original creator Breanna Danforth-Ryan

36 thoughts on “This is the watch from my deck. My family has been blessed to contact this mountain …”

  1. Trish Hudson Harmon

    Love your story and views. What a gift to have three generations sharing this land! As a ranch what do you raise? Cows? Crops? Hi from SW Idaho.

  2. No need to go anywhere else, you’re already in paradise! Looks marvellous. Hi from Perth Western Australia 🇦🇺

  3. Caryn Shanahan Zimmermann

    Just gorgeous!! We visited the area a few times a couple years ago. The drive to Crater Lake is amazing!! Hi from Payson, AZ.

  4. Margaret Mary Kiley

    Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful view. From Thomaston, Maine USA. 🙏🤗

  5. Crater Lake – possibly the most beautiful unspoiled place I have ever visited. You live in heaven😍

  6. Christine M. Martin

    Beautiful area, we spent a few days up there last fall. Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area.

  7. Aylene Rhodes Lambiotte

    What a beautiful view and so wonderful to have been the keepers of this beautiful ranch for so many generations…

  8. LOVE your story AND your view….just returned to Michigan after training to Eugene OR for our granddaughter’s graduation…..such a beautiful State.

  9. Terri Taylor Hylsky

    I was just in the area a couple weeks ago. So beautiful. I hope to come back soon.

  10. Amazingly beautiful area, been through there many times when I lived in Klamath Falls while in the USAF, when Kingsley was an actual air force base, and after while attending OIT. Used to fish the Wood River with my father in-law…loved living in that area, especially loved the drive up to Crater. All the best to you and yours from Glide.

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