This is the see from my window. I like NYC, My yard. I come to feel the strength of t…

This is the watch from my window. I adore NYC, My backyard. I sense the vitality of the city, My Town, New York, NY, United states of america from here❤️

thank for the primary creator Wendy Miller

41 thoughts on “This is the see from my window. I like NYC, My yard. I come to feel the strength of t…”

  1. I cannot imagine having this as my view. Its a blessing in a city this big! Enjoy! 💕

  2. Laura Thompson Hughes

    Such a lovely view of your vibrant city. Greetings from Jacksonville, Alabama, USA.

  3. Bethany Spadaro

    I always wished I lived in the city when I graduated college. I definitely should have. You have a beautiful view. ❤️

  4. Beautiful, must be spectacular at night! Hello from Naples Florida! Where palm trees touch the sky☺️

  5. Lynn Koloff Hannah

    Wow. I’ve never lived in the center of a big city. Exciting. If I can make it there………
    Greetings from Lake Murray South Carolina

  6. This view is amazing! My son is moving to NYC August 1. He doesn’t even have an apartment yet. Talk about living on the edge! Oh to be young again!

  7. Jennifer Petrula Matheis

    I love my (our) city too! Best place in the world! I love the energy. Hi from nearby Long Island.

  8. Jean Kennedy Sindhikara

    New York is my favorite city too and I’m lucky enough to live nearby in New Jersey and can go there often. It must be great living there!

  9. Michelle Marganis

    What a fantastic view! Visited NY in 2014 & loved it. Looking forward to returning again! Greetings from Dromana, Victoria Australia 🇦🇺

  10. Ann-Marie Buckley

    I’m a country girl but I can appreciate this view, you can always feel a city growing and the bustling population going about their daily lives around you

  11. one day I hope to make it there…it does seem like it would be limitless and 24 hours… 💜…from Kemah, Texas

  12. Debbie Mahon Wallace

    I can feel the love and the excitement from here!! I ❤️ NY too!! Best wishes to you from Whitby Ontario Canada… your friends just slightly north of you

  13. Pam Forrest Spann

    I live in a tiny rural town, but I love city views. Always enjoyed my visits to NYC. Greetings from Daingerfield, Texas USA.

  14. This is one of my favorite Views. I love NYC!! You are so lucky to have a nice place right in the city.

  15. Mary K Robbins Jackson

    I love your city. Always wanted to live there but now I can see all these wonderful views through this group. Things from Cape Coral Florida

  16. Born in Brooklyn and raised on Staten Island. Spent much time working and hanging out in Manhattan (The City) It’s shame what has happened to that City in recent years. It’s still the greatest City in the world in my heart though. Best food anywhere.

  17. Connie Presnell

    Wow! Absolutely amazing view! I have had the pleasure of visiting NY several times. Loved every minute of each visit. Hi from Kernersville, NC

  18. Samina Ibrahim

    Fabulous! That magical energy and buzz! Visited New York many times and each time it was phenomenal. Greetings from karachi Pakistan !

  19. It blows my mind. I’m stunned. It’s so different from the countryside, so dense that’s it’s both fascinating and too crowded at once. How do you do it.

  20. Jasna Novak Wilhelm

    I visited NYC in 2015 and absolutely LOVED it. Could totally live there if I could afford it.

  21. You are blessed to have such a wonderful view. Commuted to city most of my life for work in the garment industry. I ❤️NY
    Saw matinée of Tina the musical today…fabulous!

  22. Sylvia Stiffler

    Wow, what a breathtaking view!
    Sending love from La Center, Washington!❤️
    This is my view from my deck of snow covered Mount Saint Helens.

  23. Juliana Lightle

    What a view. Was there three years ago. I love NYC but you have winter so when I left Texas, I moved to Southern CA.

  24. Kathryn Cristini

    Wow that is a stupendous view. My daughter loves NYC very much worked there for 6 years been back in Australia for 6 months already gone back to visit friends in NYC. I feel it’s calling her all the time.
    Cheers from Ballina NSW Australia

  25. Renee Salewsky

    I’ve long wondered what it’s like to live in a high rise. For most of my life I’ve lived in Ca. We have back yards, garages, pets, and not that you might not, but with living in an apartment building up high, I wonder the differences.

    Have you always lived in a NY?

    Dang it’s beautiful and someday I’d love to visit NY, see broadway, the Statue of Liberty etc.

    I’m envious and I think it’s because you live a totally different life than I do, then again maybe not.

    I’m rambling…..Great picture, it’s beautiful.

    From Foresthill in N. CA

  26. New york is huge, it goes on forever, we live in a little country town in south Australia, by the beach, your view is amazing 👋

  27. Irina Jacobson

    My absolute Favorite, much beloved city with an incredible life affirming energy! I was lucky to live there for 3 months right before Covid hit… even though life in NYC escaping me, I still feel that it’s my city. I believe one day we’d reunite:) and until that time I can live vicariously though my daughter who now lives here- and visit any chance I get 😃

  28. Heather Curtin

    Beautiful view! I ❤ NY Been visiting since 70s Saw all Times Square changes over many decades! I wish folks dressed for Broadway shows like we did! Hello from CO!

  29. This is absolutely gorgeous!! That NYC skyline view is priceless. I love NYC from your neighbor across the river in NJ❤️

  30. Shelley Thorpe Cardiel

    the center of the universe! loving your view from our home in Portland, Oregon

  31. Kathleen Williams

    Spectacular view!!! Lived in Hell’s Kitchen for 9 years and miss it at times, but thankful to now have a big yard for my kids to run around in. Hello from St. Louis, Missouri 🇺🇸

  32. I lived in Bergen county NJ my backyard I could see the GWB and always wanted a city view. Now living in South Carolina and still my heart is in New York. All I wanted was a penthouse apt in NY

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