This is the see from my kitchen area window this early morning. I reside in Nottingham in th…

This is the look at from my kitchen window this morning. I live in Nottingham in the U.K. The honeysuckle is in bloom and smells amazing. Sadly, our lovely cat who would commonly be sunning himself on the patio experienced to be place to rest very last 7 days, and the yard doesn’t seem rather the similar with out him stretched out in it. I love “travelling the world” via all your awesome photographs- thank you absolutely everyone!

thank for the initial creator Shane Morgan

45 thoughts on “This is the see from my kitchen area window this early morning. I reside in Nottingham in th…”

  1. Nancy Gaskins Willis

    Lovely view! Sorry about your pet. Hello and stay well from New Bern, North Carolina USA!

  2. Marilyn Odom Boling

    Your view is lovely, but I am so sad about your kitty. Blessings from Dallas, Texas USA

  3. You have a beautiful Peaceful garden.
    I am a cat person too, so I know that lost feeling. Memphis TN USA ❤ 🇺🇸

  4. Martha McKeen Viets

    Lovely smell of honeysuckle and bittersweet time with the loss of your furbaby 🥲 Am so sorry. Hugs and hello from Kent, Ohio 🙋🫂🌹

  5. Noëlle Tameris

    I’m so sorry you lost your beloved cat. I know how it feels. Greetings from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  6. So sorry for your loss! Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden from Ponchatoula Louisiana USA

  7. Raelynn-Troy Cloud

    🐱💔😢 so sorry about your kitty. Love n blessings from Huntington Beach CA 🏖️

  8. Skye Pickenbrock

    Very beautiful! I visited your country and town once and loved it! Cheers from Colorado USA 🇺🇸

  9. Catherine Morrisey

    Your darling cat had a beautiful life in your garden. Greetings from London, Ontario, Canada.

  10. Diane Norkus Arbachesky

    So sorry about ur cat, wish u would have posted a picture with him in it.
    New Jersey USA

  11. Beautiful picture. I had to put my little dog to sleep yesterday so my prayers are with you as well. Hi from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦

  12. When I see the name Nottingham, of course, you know that I am going to think of Robin Hood….sorry I saw way to many movies as a child.😊 You have a lovely spot. So sorry your kitty is gone…rather like losing a member of the family. Thank you for sharing your view…from Knoxville, Iowa, USA.

  13. I just love the honeysuckle. I’m sorry for the loss of your cat. Hugs from Helsinki Finland 🇫🇮

  14. Hello from Massachusetts
    Shane! Thank you for sharing your lovely view. So sorry your sweet cat is no longer with you. I know from experience how difficult that was for you. Sending you prayers of comfort and peace.

  15. So sorry about your kitty. Your garden looks lovely. Hello from Capitola by the sea, California

  16. Your honeysuckle is stunning. My condolences on the loss of your beloved family pet.
    Hello from SE Idaho USA

  17. So sorry for what you are going through. As pet owners we all go through it. Hello from Fort Lauderdale Florida

  18. Kathryn M. Jopes

    Beautiful, I love the smell of honeysuckle. So sorry for your loss. Hello from Carlsbad, California 🥰

  19. So sorry for your loss 😔 Looks like the wee guy had a really lovely place to call home 😊 Sending greetings from Isle of Lewis.

  20. This is a beautiful view! I’m sorry about your kitty. I had to put mine down on Friday and it was heartbreaking. Greetings from Santa Barbara, CA 🇺🇸

  21. Ann Curry Watson

    I’m so sorry about your kitty, that is so hard. I have an 18 year old with thyroid disease, and I am dreading the day. Your garden is so pretty! Hello from Vancouver, Washington, USA.

  22. Carolen Leni Quigley

    So very sorry your kitty crossed the bridge. I know he was a lucky and happy guy to be able to spend his days in such a lovely spot

  23. Olga Homerda Mace

    Honeysuckle smells so nice. I’m sorry for your loss. Our furry kids are a joy. Hi from New York USA 🇺🇸.

  24. Shirley Townsend

    Fantastic honeysuckle! Condolences on the loss of your cat, losing a pet is very painful. Greetings from Atlanta Georgia USA

  25. It’s a lovely yard to sit and enjoy for humans and our furry family. Sorry for your loss from a cat lover in California, USA.

  26. Lynn Klein Tatz

    You have a beautiful yard, but I’m so so sorry about your cat. At least he got to enjoy life with you. Good wishes to you, from Highland Park, Illinois, USA (a suburb of Chicago).💕

  27. I am so sad about your cat. I have gone through this and the only substitute (when you are ready) is to get another cat. My rescue cat just jumped on my lap. Yup, we got him after another (similar looking cat) was put to sleep. Your flowering tree is beautiful…..

  28. Louella Cherry Spencer

    Sorry about your pet.
    When I was young, my grandmother had honeysuckle on her fence. I loved the smell so much that I named my favorite doll Honeysuckle. From Indiana USA

  29. So very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved cat…it is never easy. Enjoy your pretty garden and the wonderful memories you have of your furry boy.💙
    Best wishes from Tonbridge, Kent

  30. I love your beautiful garden with all the white roses and green trees and sunshine! It is a lovely space to rest and enjoy. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. We have a 14 year old cat we love dearly, so we can imagine your loss. Blessings from SE Texas, USA.

  31. So very sorry about your cat, know you must miss him like crazy….your garden is lovely…hoping your view brings you peace, happiness & safety….every best wish from Houston, Texas, USA.

  32. Sharon Sorensen

    Oh your rosebush is stunning! And I love the clothesline! I am so sorry for your loss. Our pets are so precious & I know from experience how hard it is to say goodbye. Hello from Oceanside, California! My picture was taken yesterday from my sideyard…

  33. Sue Prior Chiarot

    I’m very sure your Kitty would have enhanced this view, but I am also sure you gave him a very good life. Absolutely beautiful view. From a fellow 🐈 lover in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 🍁.

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