This is the perspective from my desk in Metz, France, which includes a bit of the cathedral….

This is the perspective from my desk in Metz, France, like a bit of the cathedral. Just as I am typing these phrases, the bell has rung 5 times – it is 5 pm just now. My cat is in the image as she enjoys chicken watching although I perform – she genuinly is part of the look at I am having fun with from listed here! These earlier 2 several years I have been normally sitting dealing with this see, because I instruct at area uni and taught on line for most of the pandemics. It the fist home I bought, following living here and there in accordance to short-term educational positions. It is awesome to be finally settled! While I whish I experienced a backyard, I enjoy dwelling on the last floor and getting this wonderful 180° check out about roofs and hills.

thank for the authentic creator Claire Placial

38 thoughts on “This is the perspective from my desk in Metz, France, which includes a bit of the cathedral….”

  1. Valerie Alexandra Cole

    Wow how do you get any work done. Hi from Cardiff Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  2. Sally Pentland

    That’s a lovely view and nice to see your cat enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your story .. Nice to hear from Buckinghamshire UK

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I just love the view from your window. Hi from Johannesburg South Africa

  4. Lovely Claire! Love your cats view!😊 Hello from “down under” Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

  5. Melissa Salvati Kloc

    Magnificent view. How lovely to be able to work from there! Greetings from Michigan USA

  6. Great view… in a garden your cat would want to chase the birds so it’s good that he can just watch from afar! Greetings gs from Norfolk Island, a rock in the South Pacific.

  7. So unusual. Anyone can have a garden, but this view is priceless!! From Illinois, stay safe.

  8. Narelle Langridge

    Lovely view, even the kitty enjoys it. I’m watching your view from Wollongong in NSW AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 on the south east coast just south of Sydney.

  9. Carole Phillips Heath

    This site is like touring the world but not all the tourist places! Thank you for posting. I love seeing everyone’s private views!

  10. There is something particularly French about this view – like on an artist might have from a garret loft in an old novel. I can see why you like it. It’s unique and one of my favorites I’ve seen on here. From Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

  11. Beautiful view…love the cat. congratulations of your job and the acquisition of your new home….

  12. It’s a beautiful view and the cat is sweet. Hello from Vuctoria, British Columbia, Canada

  13. Thanks for sharing! Looks like it good be a painting that vista! So French! I can hear those bells too!!
    Greetings from Australia 🇦🇺

  14. Claudia Sanchez

    I love this view with the cat! Wow, unlike anything around where I live. Looking forward to traveling to Europe again one day. Greetings from Northern CA, USA.

  15. Dea Graves Goldy

    Better than a garden – that view of the cathedral alone is breathtaking, and the rest is just icing on the cake! Congrats on finding a home with such a wonderful view! 💕👏

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