This is a perspective from my garage, appropriate up coming to my entrance porch. I see this check out eve…

This is a look at from my garage, ideal subsequent to my entrance porch. I see this perspective every time I’m about to get into my automobile and to push my youngsters to college, to operate errands, to go on outings, to walk my pet dog.. The trees are specially environmentally friendly currently with the stunning sunshine shining via. It is not hot or humid today, which is a wonderful surprise provided that this is Leesburg, Virginia (United states), just 38 miles from Washington DC, where it’s generally sizzling and humid in the summer months. We really like our household – we’ve lived right here for 6 several years.

Thank you for sharing your views from all about the planet. It tends to make the entire world seem nearer and far more related. ❤️

thank for the first creator Marina VF

47 thoughts on “This is a perspective from my garage, appropriate up coming to my entrance porch. I see this check out eve…”

  1. Kathi St Clair

    Hello from Massachusetts Marina! Thank you for sharing your lovely view. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  2. Beautiful view! Greetings with love from Oregon in the Pacific Northwest
    💚 ☔️ 🐸🌲 🏔

  3. Lovely! I agree-we are all connected by the things we love: family, friends, peace, health, and love. Greetings from Tennessee.

  4. Beautiful street and trees. So g li ad you enjoy the greenery. Greetings from Connecticut

  5. Barbara Ann Emerson-Sharp

    Greetings from Hamilton, VA. It has been a beautiful day today, and tomorrow is supposed to be about the same before the muggies return. Aren’t we lucky to live in Loudoun? 🙂

  6. Linda Lewendon

    Lovely view to start your day😊 I did come to DC and Maryland many years ago and really enjoyed it. I live in Hampshire, England.

  7. Nancy Yavorsky

    I love your view! You are living in a beautiful part of this country! Hello from Rancho Cucamonga California

  8. Deanna Dee Zaenglein

    Good morning from Palmetto, Florida. I love how green and tidy everything looks. It looks like the perfect place to raise children. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing.

  9. Marjorie Iliffe

    What a lovely, leafy view! Looks very peaceful and inviting… Hello from Tauranga, New Zealand

  10. Hello from Buxton, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.
    My husband worked in Leesburg for over 30 years.

  11. Loved visiting Leesburg when we lived in Northern Virginia; especially the downtown area, and the Crab Shack in Hamilton!
    Greetings from San Antonio, Texas!

  12. Michele Jacobson

    Your view is wonderful- and yes, today has been amazingly perfect to be outside- regards from Richmond, Va USA

  13. Today was a beautiful day on the East Coast – such a break from the typical weather! Your photo captured today’s spirit perfectly. Hello from Philly but vacationing in Charleston, SC.

  14. Vicki Woolverton Scholefield

    Beautiful view. I feel this group makes the world feel closer and more connected too. We need a little of that. Hello from Taft California USA

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