28 thoughts on “The Only Way To Cook Live Lobster 🦞(Better Than Lobster Roll)”

  1. After almost a decade of going grocery shopping with my mama, I can analyze and compare the contents of each grocery cart in line with the line beside it in like 3 seconds at most. It's crazy. It comes so naturally to me now. Thanks mama.

  2. Just started watching your content bro it's a great quality content bro. It's like when i first saw Golden Gully and Lisa Nguyen's channel bro. Keep it up!!

  3. Sensei, master, big bro, anh, hyungi, Ai, Pi, (even tho you’re a baby) you too enjoy grocery shopping? It’s my best highlight in life! Aside from clothes shopping or jewelry shopping (Asian instilled) thrifting or housewares/appliance shopping…okay I guess I love shopping…

  4. The “and kill it” part was totally unnecessary and makes you sound a bit odd. I would have gone with, “and eat it.” Maybe I’m weird, who knows. 😜

  5. I love grocery shopping so much I offered to do my neighbour's during covid as he is high, so he stays home feels safer n I get to enjoy more shopping. 👍😆

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