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Thank you everyone for your canned salmon recipes! Today Auntie gave us 4 huge c…

Thank you everyone for your canned salmon recipes! Today Auntie gave us 4 huge cabbages. She’s forever dropping stuff off to us lol. What can I make? My ideas so far are bacon and cabbage, throw in soup, cole slaw…. Would love something different then we normally would make

thank for the original creator Gloria Garcia

45 thoughts on “Thank you everyone for your canned salmon recipes! Today Auntie gave us 4 huge c…”

  1. Slice in 3 inch slices season then set some potatoes around side then throw some chicken thighs on top season then put in oven 350 till done. Omg they will love it

  2. Gail Jackson Roach

    Egg roll in a bowl or cut in 1-2″ chunks. Blanch,cool,drain n freeze for soups. Boiled dinner w ham,carrots,tatoes n onions is good also

  3. Shannon Telles Lisowski

    Egg roll in a bowl, buttered Cabbage, boiled dinner, sheet pan dinner with carrots, ham potatoes

  4. Makes hamburger with some Uncooked minute rice. Add an egg and Some onion, salt paper and garlic. Form into rolls like a sausage but bigger. Steam cabbage. Pull off leaves and put the hamburger in each one and roll up. Put them in the crockpot with some water and cook. Towards the end, dump a can of tomato sauce over it. We serve with mashed potatoes

  5. Sandra McKenzie

    Chop up and pack into jars. I tsp. salt for quarts, and 1/2 tsp. for pints. Fill with boiling water and seal. Cover and keep in dark, cool place for 2 or 3 weeks, and you have kraut.

  6. Eladsonev Eiram Yenttihw

    Cabbage boiled in some water with a bit of chicken bouillon and dash or red pepper flakes. 🥰🥰

  7. Cut in thick slices, rub with oil and seasoning and grill it on an oiled grill over low heat on both sides.

  8. Cabbage rolls. Make and party cook and freeze. Need a couple, take out , add sauce and cook

  9. Spicy Cabbage: brown ground beef, add chopped cabbage on top, pour a can of Rotel over. Put on a lid and let simmer till cabbage is done.

  10. Eggroll in a bowl. Cabbage rolls. Fried with potatoes and ham all in same skillet. Cut into slices and grill or roast in the oven.

  11. Cabbage rolls. We are Ukrainian-freeze your cabbage-then thaw it-the leaves are now pliable. We do 1 onion, fry 1lb bacon cut in little pieces-don’t cook to crispy leave soft, leave all the grease in the fry pan and add 3-4 cooked white rice. Salt and lots of pepper. Using the cabbage leaves-stuff, roll and put in a casserole dish that has A little condensed tomato soup on the bottom so they don’t stick. Pour rest of the soup over the top-cover and bake for about 45 minutes. With the inner leaves that are too small to roll, I make soup.

  12. Cabbage rolls hamburger, rice ,diced onion and bake with tomato over them I use tomato soup. Put a dash of chili powder

  13. I make a cabbage stew in the crockpot that also freezes well. Cabbage, carrots, celery, red potatoes, fresh green beans when in season, salt/pepper/crushed red pepper flakes/Worcestershire or teriyaki sauce, any flavor stock, stewed tomatoes, bell peppers, red onion, a box of mushroom/onion soup mix and some type of sausage or cooked hamburger….omgoodness! Cooked cabbage with noodles or homemade egg rolls are great too along with stirfry.

  14. Fry some fatback. Use the leftover grease and fry cabbage in it. Serve fatback, fried cabbage and cornbread. Yummy.

  15. I LOVE sauteed cabbage with onions and if using red cabbage brown sugar (havent tried it with green)

  16. Corinne Hale Broxson

    CHeck out cooking with Brenda Gantt . She made a cabbage casserole yesterday that I cannot wait to make & try .

  17. Onion carrots potatoes seasonings of choice (salt pepper garlic turmeric) meat (roast chicken sausage) quarter cabbage put in order in slow cooker add water cool on low for 8hr high for 4hr.

  18. Christal Swinford

    Fried cabbage w/ little smokies, cabbage with polish sausage, cabbage casserole, boiled cabbage i always season it with bacon grease salt pepper & red pepper flakes

  19. Carolyn Benkula

    I cut up some potatoes , carrots and onions and a link of sausage, just a little water. Let it cook for about 30 minutes and then I add the cabbage on top.

  20. Make cabbage steaks. Throw in with smoked sausage or kielbasa. Sweet and sour cabbage. Cut up with fennel and chicken stock and onions and saute till done.

  21. Deborah Krugman

    Fried cabbage and noodles! Fry the cabbage in bacon grease, cook noodles and add to the cabbage. I add butter, salt and pepper to mine.

  22. Mexican slaw! Shred some cabbage (like for coleslaw) add pico de gallo, some lime juice and salt n pepper and mix it all up. Use it as a side dish for carne asada or cilantro lime chicken. I’ve also used it as a topping for shrimp or fish tacos.

  23. My mom liked cabbage and hamburger. Cook burger and drain add cabbage cut and cook till tender. Pepper and salt to taste.

  24. Annie Martin Smith

    I like to chunk it and throw in with some smoked sausage, potatoes, and sliced apples in my Dutch oven. So good! Also can throw in a crock pot.

  25. Fry fresh chopped cabbage and cooked noodles in butter. Add a bit of salt and lots of pepper. You made halushki!

  26. Katelyn Margaret

    Golumpkis! Totally my favorite when we’re flush with cabbage. You could also do cabbage steaks, which are delicious.

  27. Stuffed cabbage, fried cabbage and noodles ( cut cabbage, slice onions and sauté in olive oil with a little salt, cook egg noodles and mix together.)

  28. Mona Prince Hickey

    Go to Cooking with Brenda Gantt. She has a video on a cabbage casserole. I’ve made it and it was delicious.

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