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Tatung Rice Cooker How to cook perfect rice easily

Tatung Rice Cooker – How to cook perfect rice easily and quickly!

Tatung rice cooker – multifunctional cooker and steamer, an essential cultural asset representing Taiwan’s day to day lifestyle.

Ever listen to of Tatung? The Taiwanese corporation applied to make metal but in 1960 begun promoting rice cookers that to this day account for 95% of all rice cooker sales on the island. And now it desires to conquer the rest of the planet with its old standby.

What is so particular about a rice cooker? This just one is multitalented. It also steams dumplings and simmers stews, producing it a should-have gadget in a land exactly where a lot of girls continue performing immediately after marriage. And the place steamed, meat-loaded buns are a specialty.

The rice cooker has a distinctive double-layer design that cooks indirectly. Oblique heating is said to protect dietary price it also will help to protect against overcooking. An outer pot holds and boils h2o, which heats foodstuff in an inner pot. When the drinking water in the initial chamber evaporates, the machine shuts by itself off, keeping the substances in the next chamber at a warm 70 C. According to a Tatung consultant, the cooker steams rice more evenly than other cookers.

Tatung’s electric powered cooker is especially excellent for reheating steamed dumplings and very similar dishes because it tends to preserve the original taste and texture, which are usually dropped when reheated in a microwave or convection oven.

Tatung released the cooker much more than 50 percent a century in the past due to the fact it wanted to sell much more steel. Tatung had a specialized alliance with Toshiba back then and received its inspiration for the rice cooker’s design and style from its Japanese lover.

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