How Your Second Brain Works from Gut
How Your Second Brain Works from Gut

The secret of the sensation of high and down feelings in your brain?

Your brain is the ultimate source of your feelings. If you imagine you have won 10 million US dollars in the lottery or you have eaten the most delicious ice cream ever or perhaps you just had sex? In each of these situations, your brain produces chemicals components called Neurotransmitters.

This Neurotransmitter chemical is responsible to give you a great feeling of excitement, energy, and happy feelings in different circumstances. Without Neurotransmitter, it impossible to feel such happiness.

On the flip side. Imagine you just being fired by your employee or perhaps in turmoil situation in your relationship, or you are about to sit for an exam. In these situations, your brain produces different chemicals. These chemicals contribute to your depression, stress, and anxiety levels. 

How Your Second Brain Works from Gut

How does the second brain work? 

The second brain can be found hidden inside the digestive system. Technically your second “brain in your gut”.

This is perhaps changing fundamental understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health, and even the way you think.

Millions of neurons that are in your gastrointestinal coordinate to generate contractions propel waste through the digestive system. This system called an enteric nervous system [ ENS ]. Science has known this as the “second brain” . 

This system empowered with mechanisms to Breaking down food, absorbing nutrients. Also, assist expelling of waste requires chemical processing, mechanical mixing, and rhythmic muscle contractions that move everything on down the line.

The second brain also can inform the state of our mind to the central nervous system. A great example is ENS system in the action “feeling of Butterflies in the stomach”. This is perhaps a great example that gut release physiological stress response.  

What the Second brain does not help? 

However, the second brain does not help your thought process extensively.

According to Michael Gershon, chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center

“The second brain doesn’t help with the great thought processes…religion, philosophy, and poetry are left to the brain in the head“. He authored a detailed analysis of the second brain in his book 1998 book The Second Brain (HarperCollins).

What you can learn? 

The treatment of your nervous system potentially can impact your gut as both two brains’ has interconnection from the neuron level.

There is a depression treatment target at the mind that can impact the gut. This means scientists need to further analysis and figure out safe ways to treat patients who are undergoing treatment

Science also backs the famous saying about your “gut feeling” has meaning. Probably we all need to put second thought about the gut feeling in addition to the physical and mental readiness to challenge. 

The writer is a Science Student at Columbia University Medical Center.

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