Have you ever thought about putting yourself in a state of hibernation?
Hibernation is a common seasonal activity for animals to survive seasonal challenges.

This is commonly triggered by animals to survive winter conditions. This period mainly consists of inactive or lower metabolic rates of the animal body such as low body temperature, slow breathing rates, and heart rates.

This magic activity of hibernation is now going to be a reality for humans with new Science research revealed that the brain can introduce artificial hibernation.

This incredible research conducted by two universities independently publishing similar findings. Researchers from the University of Tsukuba, Japan, and Harvard Medical School, US recently published two reports in Nature Magazine.

Research hypothesis that this could be used to trigger torpor in mammal brains. Their research is can be found here and here.

If artificial hibernation is possible it can be a breakthrough finding to treat recovery of illness and brain cells.

According to the researchers, they were able to identify the population of brain cells responsible for the body hibernation of mice. the author of the report revealed that there is a possibility to introduce synthetic hibernation to humans if we have the same set of brain cells, which is responsible to push the button in mice that can naturally trigger temporary hibernation.

What is Hibernation?

Hibernation considered a common seasonal activity in the animal bodies to survive harsh seasonal challenges such as winter, high cold conditions. In general, this period animal body triggers a temporary state of inactivity or a lower down of metabolic activities. The main characteristics of hibernation include slow down heart rate, lower body temperature, and low metabolic rate. It most commonly occurs during the winter months for some animals.

Advantage of hibernation

  • Hibernation is a great way to speed the recovery process of your body cells. specially hibernation can Trigger speedy recovery of your brain cells.
  • Research also provides a new approach to improve recovery rates from surgery or illness.
  • What can we expect for humans?

  • The team of researchers hypothesized that there is a possibility to induce synthetic hibernation in human brains as well if we can successfully hibernate human brains it can be a breakthrough finding to recover damaged Prince of preserving organs for transplantation.
  • hibernation can lower body temperature and reduce the energy expenditure on our organ cells.
  • hibernating can help medical applications across the world to treat humans better even though medically not tested with the people
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