Some might already do this but for those who dont…try

Some might already do this, but for those who don’t…try it! Potato skins When …

Some might already do this, but for those who don’t…try it!
Potato skins

When peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes-Dont throw away those peels! I make wide large peels and save them in slightly salted water in a bowl for up to a day. ( obviously wash your potatoes first) Then drain and dry those skins. Toss with olive oil, salt and pepper or whatever you like. Baked them in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes or longer the thicker they are…until slightly crisp. Toss some cheese- bacon bits if you have it, on top and bake until melted. Dip in sour cream. Absolutely delish!

thank for the original creator Samantha Mathewson

45 thoughts on “Some might already do this, but for those who don’t…try it! Potato skins When …”

  1. Potato skins are good and that is the part of the potato that has the vitamins and nutrienst we need.

  2. In my little part of Kansas, these are served fried and salted with a bowl of cheese to dip into. Top 5 appetizer.

  3. Tera Bohannon Hunter

    I rarely ever peel my potatoes and every time I see these I think, “remember to peel your potatoes next time” and then I don’t. 😂

  4. Charlene Cash Meserve

    Never thought about doing that, but,next time I anything with potatoes I’m going to try!! Thanks for the idea.

  5. I would never have thought about doing this; absolutely genius! Will have to remember and try it the next time.

  6. Janice Claridge McCarthy

    Potato skin nachos is what my campground neighbour makes. Delish
    -potato skin
    -olive oil
    -bacon bits
    Serve with salsa and sour cream on the side and drizzle with Baby Rays Honey BBQ sauce

  7. Andrea McGehee

    Great way not to waste.
    I NEVER PEEL potatoes for mashed… no waste. I call my mashed “rustic country style” 😎😋😁

  8. And I literally just made mashed potatoes tonight and peeled directly into the trash can.
    I’ll have to remember this next time!!

  9. Jennifer McNeill

    My mom always did this. A quick little appetizer using the peels to have before dinner. She always did them up like potato skins. Soooooo delicious 🤤

  10. I love deepfrying them! I first heard of this at a sleepover when II was a kid. My friendsmom pulled out the bowl of peels and said ” sorry, were poor, we use everything around here” And all I could think about was how good they were! And they were great! I still make them to this day but havent tried this method!

  11. Have Made these, Love these. My sister makes fun of me she says I don’t throw anything. Lol oh! Just make sure you really scrape the skin when cleaning. You’ll be surprised how much comes off the skin of potatoes.

  12. I do that too, but I treat it like fries and just bake until crisp, lightly salt and serve with catsup as a snack.

  13. Rachel Durnford

    We usually deep fry them and use a french fry seasoning and dip in ketchup, soo good!

  14. Alice Bricker Yeager

    I fed my kids fried “Tator Skins” when they were little. They thought it was the best part of the potato!

  15. Shelby VanDyke

    Oooh, yes! I peel potatoes for the Cafe to make garlic mash, then I fry those potato skins in the fryer or broaster (whichever is available) until crisp like chips. Salt them, then put them in bowls for a bar snack! The regulars love them!

  16. Tessa LeFavour

    I think I am the unpopular opinion as I leave the skin on to make mashed potatoes they give it the chunky texture my family loves but this is a great idea none the less

  17. Terri Sylvester

    I hate to peel potatoes so I buy the little tiny boiling potatoes and I just cut them in half and the skins don’t matter.

  18. I do this in my air fryer, minus the cheese, and my kids love them. Waste not, want not.

  19. I live in NS and this is very common… restaurants serve this as a regular item here… making that at home makes just as much sense… I like to make them into nachos one they’re cooked.
    Some chicken or taco beef, peppers, onions, tomatoes, & cheese then broiled in the oven and served with salsa and sour cream… so yummy!

  20. Robyn Denker Kelso

    We do the same with carrots also! The crunchy carrots are great on a salad or even in a sandwich!

  21. Many many yrs ago. I use to cook for our elderly neighbor and he would come over and play with the kids and sit at the kitchen table and talk while I cooked. And he saw me peeling the potatoes and was gonna throw the peels out and he had a fit. Told me to fry them up and salt them for him and the kids to have a snack while I cooked. Mr Danny. He was a special part of my kids growing up. We also use to go yard selling every wkend we would get the newspaper and mark the ones we wanted to go to. I’ll never forget he talked a lady into selling him a quesadilla marker for the change in his pocket. 

  22. Potato peels also make great soup bases. Add carrot tops, tomatoe chunks, onions and celery ends near roots, tops of corn cobs, any left over vegetables Yummy vegetable soup or stew bases

  23. Linda McKinnon

    Ohhh I wish I had seen this a few days ago when I had peels from potato salad.., great idea will do this for sure next time!

  24. I worked at a buffet/steakhouse. We made potato salad from baked potatoes not served the day before. We purposely made large slices of skin from the potato and deep fried the skins for the bar. It was a big hit. Now that the restaurant is closed, I can only find fried skins as an starter in restaurants…a very expensive starter! I’d love some now!

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