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So my husband is going to be a delivery driver for FedEx, so he won’t have acces…

So my husband is going to be a delivery driver for FedEx, so he won’t have access to a microwave (like his old job), besides sandwiches, what are some good ideas that is not to time consuming and not really expensive for me to make for him that would be good for his lunch time?

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  1. – cucumber boats: cut cucumber lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds out, pat dry and fill with chicken, tuna or egg salad; pimento cheese; cream cheese and turkey; deli meat and tomato
    – tomato sandwich
    – rice or pasta salad
    – big mac salad: top greens with cooked hamburger, diced onion, pickle relish, cheese and thousand island dressing

  2. They really don’t have time to eat a lunch. Especially with the holidays coming. Finger snacks. Nuts, crackers, cheese/Pepperoni etc.

  3. Know someone that works for ups they bought a usb powered blender and they do protein smoothies .

  4. Get a thermos best thing ever for the hubs hot food u can pour hot water in them to warm the canister then empty it and put ur food in it soups spaghetti hamburger helper rice keeps it warm til lunch time my hubby is in oil fields so this works for us

  5. My hubby is FedEx. He eats on the run so lots of drinks and snacks. He got tired of sandwiches too. He switched to lunchables lol 😆

  6. Christina Sayre

    I used to be a runner for FedEx. You basically eat while you’re driving so things that are easy to grab…uncrustables, nuts, chips, grapes, cheese and meat cubes, lunchables. Definitely a small cooler/lunchbox of water and other drinks. We would always stop for a breakfast sandwich in the morning when we filled up with gas and just snacked the rest of the day. Also, a cpl of the trucks actually did have microwaves!! Lol.

  7. My husband drives also.I always get up and fry him some chciken or pork chops that he can eat on thru the day..then also a bunch of snacks and subs

  8. Get him what’s call hot logic he can heat up stuff using a cigarette lighter in the rig or a household outlet they have both options

  9. Pasta salad, fresh fruits and veggies, fruit cups, chips, pretzels, Crackers Cheese and lunch meat. My husband is a low volt technician and rarely has a microwave so I usually just throw a bunch of snack stuff together or do a cold sandwich

  10. Get a good thermos. In morning while heating up lunch item pour boiling hot water in it put top on it the once its been in for about 5 mins pour out water and put in the hot lunch item. It should stay hot

  11. When my husband was a delivery driver the only thing he “ate” warm was a thermos of tomato soup or that cup of noodle you can make in the thermos. He really didn’t stop for a “lunch” as it didn’t matter if it took him 10 hrs or 6 hrs if the truck was empty he took it back to the warehouse to be refilled and they paid him 8. So he would stop to use the restroom and that was about it. He drives limo on the side now and the same is still true. He says whenever he has something that he has to use a utensil for someone wants to get on the bus again 😂😂

  12. Linda Mieser Regelski

    Summer sausage, pretzels stuffed with peanut butter, crackers and cheese, celery sticks with peanut butter, hoagie sandwiches, cheese sticks, mixed nuts, bag of Spicey and sweet mixed variety chips (found at Aldi)…

  13. Laura Thomson Privett

    I’ve seen online that there are containers that you can heat things up in using your car. That might be a thought

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