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So my daughter starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. Can I get some lunch ideas for he…

So my daughter starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. Can I get some lunch ideas for her?Pictures are a bonus!!

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28 thoughts on “So my daughter starts kindergarten in 2 weeks. Can I get some lunch ideas for he…”

  1. Korey Lynn Smith

    can have your child help to pack their lunch’s it helps and lets them feel included plus they will tend to eat it vs them not eating

  2. Melissa Bernice

    Where in the world do the kids go back to school in August? It’s September here🤷‍♀️

  3. Heather Carrizales

    Chelsea Carrizales, maybe have gabby practice eating her lunch and making sure she can open everything within the time frame. I would of never thought of that!

  4. Teacher here —
    I recommend starting to package lunches and have her begin practicing opening and eating in the set time she will have for lunch.

  5. Sierra Tippett

    Uncrustables. Applesauce/ fruit cups. Bananas. Oranges. Grapes. String cheese. Turkey or chicken. Goldfish or other snack bites. Juicy juice or Capri sun pouches. Horizon milk pouches. Sandwiches & chips.

  6. Christa C. Powell

    If my child had not had any allergies to food I would have started him on the school food…

  7. Ex kg teacher. Get a thermos. Put hot water in it in the morning. Then dump it out. Warm up raviolis, hot dogs, mac and cheese, soup, pizza rolls, taco meat, leftovers etc. put it in thermos. Will stay warm until lunch. Can use thermos for cold things as well. Put thermos in freezer for a bit. Add milk. Send baggie of cereal for her to add into it at lunch. Wraps are good, homemade lunchables, fruit (always peel oranges), trail mix, popcorn, cheese sticks or cubes.

  8. Jeannette Clark

    We been doing lunchables since my grandson started school Also cheese sticks chips fruit snacks little Debbie sometimes

  9. My son loves homemade “lunchables”. Canadian bacon circles, sliced cheese cut into squares and ritz crackers. I also put in an applesauce easy open pouch.

  10. I did pepperoni pinwheels for my daughter last year, it’s cream cheese, shredded cheese, pepperoni all on a tortilla and rolled and cut into bites. Meat cheese and crackers. I sent chicken nuggets in a thermos, raviolis, hotdogs even lol. Lots of options with the thermos for soups and stuff.

  11. Crackers n cheese.
    Cottage cheese cups with fruit of veg.
    Leftover sliced meats or sausage.
    Deviled ham with crackers

  12. Valerie Laughlin

    I bought a bento box for my about to be kindergartener. Planning on things like hot dogs, pretzels, grapes, a small treat, homemade lunchable,homemade uncrustables, things like that.

  13. Erika Gibeau Reily

    This is the list I pull out when I feel like we’re in a rut and I’ve been doing the same things too often.

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