The shower bag- Saviour of camping!


You can tell me I am having a little bit of OCD ( Obsessive-compulsive disorder) where I think about cleanliness to a greater extent, my friends will say to you! I am a person who thinks about every bit of dirt on my body and in the urge to remove them as soon as possible. This habit ( Or disorder) has cost me many great things in my life, such as camping. It is the point where I got to know about shower bags for the first time.

Camping with my friends is one of my favourite things since childhood. It started at the age of 14 and continuing. There is no limitation, beeches, jungles, and even ordinary landscapes, where nature, we were there. It is a habit filled with so many adventures yet beautiful memories; my photo collection justifies the effort.

But unfortunately, I developed OCD behavior lately, and thus I missed many camping nights with friends. They tried to convince me, but of no use. The biggest issue was the need for bathing! How can I find somewhere to have a decent shower? It is impossible amidst the enormous trees of jungles. In a situation like this, my friend Jessica came to me one day with a piece of exciting news. ‘’You got to try this’’, she said. We both went to a shop which sells camping items, and found this incredibly impressive gadget called ‘the shower bag.’

Later I learned, a shower bag is regular bathing equipment in many households, especially during summer.

The shower bag

What is a shower bag?

There is no rocket science. It is just a plastic bag with a horse attached to it. You just have to fill the bag with water and hang it somewhat high. Then you can have a pretty good shower. This is the idea. However, according to various manufacturers, there are some added features.

What are the basic features of a shower bag?

There is an inlet where you can use to fill water in. And the outlet is connected to a horse with a shower head at its end. Also, there are some iron bars or hooks to keep it hanging. Some modest shower bags have temperature indicators so that you can adjust the temperature of the water when you use hot water.

Some shower bags are made up of plastics; some have several layers inside for better use.

Solar shower bags are incredibly popular among travelers. You simply can heat it in the sunshine and have a good warm shower.

How to fill a shower bag?

This was my first question to the salesperson of the shop where I went to buy my shower bag. It is straight forward. There are two options.

1. You can fill the shower bag first and hang it later ( This method was a bit difficult for me)

2. You can hang the bag first and fill the water using water bottles.

Both ways can be tried according to your convenience.

But there are some practical issues. When you follow the first method, you need an excellent muscular helping hand. In contrast, the second one is much easier, being able to fill the shower bag with water bottles and funnel. I use this way during my camping outs, and it is convenient in use too.

How to turn on and off the showerhead?

Many shower bags have a nozzle like head attached at the end of the horse. There are three systems available to turn on and off.

1. The screw system.

Some manufacturers offer a screw to turn the showerhead on and off.

2. The lever system.

There is a lever at the beginning point of the plastic horse, where the outlet is. You can simply turn on and off using it.

There are many other good options out there. Share your experience with us!

What is the amount of water a bag holds?

This will vary from one shower bag to another. However, regular shower bags usually can be filled up to 5 gallons of water, a fair amount to have a good shower. It usually weighs about 40pounds when filled. There are many portable shower bags out there with different water capacities. You can pick according to your necessity.

How to use a shower bag properly?

It is vital to select the best shower bag to match your purpose, whether to use for camping or at home. Most shower bags are made up of heavy-duty, black color plastic material that can withstand the hydraulic pressure.

First, fill your bag using one of the two ways mentioned above. Selecting a right, rugged place, or hook to mount the shower bag is crucial. If you mishandle, it may tear up in no time. Also, as the water pressure work by gravity, proper height will give good water pressure.

Then check the temperature of the water by placing your dorsum of hand on the surface of the bag. Or it is ideal for reading the temperature indicator ( If there is a one in your bag).

Now it is time to shower!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a shower bag?

Well, there are many advantages. This shower method is ideal when you camp outside. You do not need to worry about a place to get showered. Also, the shower bag is not heavy, so that you can easily carry it in your bag pack. It gives the actual facility of a shower.

Disadvantages prop up when it comes to filling and mounting the bag. Additionally, some bag s may not durable at all leaking water with limited use.

Always try to buy a good quality shower bag so that you do not face suddenly tearing up of shower bag amidst your camping night.

What is the price of a shower bag?

The price varies according to the manufacturer and the quality of it. But you may wonder to find the price is started as low as 10 USD! It is worth to try it, isn’t it? Buy from Amazon

My camping journey with shower bags is lovely. There is no more hesitancy to go outside. Now I can enjoy my life freely, facing all the obstacles that come on my way! It is always fantastic to explore unique ways to win challenges in life as I did.

Share your experience with us!


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