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Season 7 Battle Pass Lucky Draw Characters COD

Season 7 Battle Pass | Lucky Draw Characters | COD Mobile | CODM

New Eyesight Town All New Fight Pass! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅฐ

Main Motoko
Batou Blackjack Elite
Stryker Interface
Battery EVE-III

Credits – @codM_n3ws Telegram
@CallOfDutyMobile Telegram
Leakers on Responsibility – discord.gg/nicecat

Motoko Batou Blackjack Elite Stryker Interface Battery EVE-III Kitsune Threat Drop Attract Famous KRM Superb Blaze Kryptis Skys Fury Magma Eruption Redux Mythic Peacekeeper MK2 Artifact Firebreak Magmageddon Gilded Glaive Attract KSP45 Divinity Sew Carbon Sentinel Krig 6 ZRG 20mm Sniper Butterfly Knife Switchblade AK117 Bai Yuekui Air Machina Attract Legendary Alias Roboticist L-Car9 Industrial Pulverizer M13 Liminal Flare Heaven’s Lance Attract Nyx Dragoon Year 6 Battle Pass To The Skies Year 6 Lucky Draws Period 6 Crates Period 6 Bundles Famous Alias Robocist Air Machina Attract LCAR9 Industrial Pulverizer KSP-45 Divinity Gilded Glaive Attract Stich Carbon Sentinel KRM 262 Wonderful Blaze Danger Fall Attract Kryptis Sky’s Fury LK24 Fall Shock Hellbound Attract Nikto Devils Legion Thermal Main Attract M4 Thermal Shroud Sword and Stinger Attract Legendary RPD Yellow Jacket Portnova Killer Bee Mythic Peacekeeper Redux Peacekeeper MK2 Artifact Magma Eruption Mythic Fall Redux Chaos & Order Mythic Fall Mythic Oden Divine Smite Prophet Arbiter Crossfade Draw DL Q33 Bass Booster Siren Synthesia Year 5 For You Draws For You Lucky Draws For You Crates Period 5 Battle Go Trophical Vision Time 5 Blessed Draws Year 5 Crates Time 5 Bundles Chromium Iron Attract Famous ICR-1 Sabre Blade Foxtrot Nomad Acended Mythic Fall Redux Mythic Fennec Redux Draw Component 115 Attract Famous Koshka Wundergewehr Maxis Aether Warhead Wasteland Draw Famous CR 56 AMAX Feral Tusk Minotaur Mongrel Lord M13 Fearless DL Q Bass Booster KRM 262 Ejector RPD Yellow Jacket PDW57 Battallion LK24 ChaiLao AK117 Bai Yuekui KSP45 Colossus LCAR9 Seiko M4 Pink Blue Soul Oden KSP 45 L-Automobile 9 Crown of Kings Draw Legendary Phantom Osiris Kali Sticks Sand Scepters Warhead Wasteland Draw Skirmisher Draw MX9 Exostatic FTL Marauder Whole Physique Draw Legendary AK117 Dazzling Rhythm Portnova Physical fitness Teacher Minotaur Mongrel Lord CR56 AMAX Feral Tusk Koshka Wundergewehr SO-KEN Draw Total Entire body Attract Prototype Attract HBRa3 Rictus Arc Cipher Rocket Salvo Crate Rodion Crimson Loss of life Year 2 For You Attracts For You Blessed Attracts For You CratesCBR4 Hazard Shut Earlier mentioned the Law Crate Seraph Loose Cannon AS VAL Metal Fusion Ajax Breacher Heartstopper Crate Domino Licorne Chopper Be So Lovely Forge Steel Redux Famous Mace Final Guard Renetti Steel Phantom Lethal Recreation Draw legendary QXR Burnt Bone Cassius Badland Seeker QXR Fossil Fire Concern and Embers Crate Zane Panzer Variety 25 Cindersmoke Yr of the Tiger Attract Arctic 50 Zodiac Beast Urban Tracker Pale Prowler Very best Served Cold Crate Ajax The Chef Year of the Tiger Attract Urban Tracker Pale Prowler Arctic 50 Zodiac Beast Mythic Kilo 141 Demonsong Rock and Requiem Mythic Drop Rate PPsh 41 Scorch Kilo 141 Demonsong Dame Shot Caller Urban Tracker Pale Prowler Fennec Venom Coil Kryptis Otter DL Q33 Advanced Artillery XPR-50 Dragon Blood Seraph Dominion Mythic Fall Draw Mythic M13 Morningstar Ghost Azrael Draw Antelope Fortunate Attracts Artery Maiden Hades Void Sender Dame Usurper Pack Techniques Crate Futuristic Retro Bundle Ignition Issue Attract Famous Helicopter Wingsuit Odinsong Attract AK117 Aesir Spoil Odin’s Vermillion Purple Action Person-O-War Omen Ozuna’s Bear Beats KN44 ENOC Time 9 FOR YOU Attracts Fight Go MX9 Heartless Cassius Reaper Ashura Abyssal State Mythic Drop Mythic Rytek AMR Nautilus Draw Siren Hydrodynamic Year 6 Fortunate Draws Crates Bundles Nihonga Crate Manta Ray All-powerful Draw Ghost Retribution Locus Neptune Ghost Retribution Darkish Gunman Mythic Fall Holger 26 Dim Frontier Rosa Sand Vulture Roze Virago City Tracker Party In Garena No cost CP Party Epic Paper Ox AK47 Darkish Gunman Mythic Drop Type 25 Metal Blue Witch Health practitioner Beta
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37 thoughts on “Season 7 Battle Pass | Lucky Draw Characters | COD Mobile | CODM”

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  2. Definitely dropping dime on the mythic draw. I'm not sure what I'm more excited for this special occasion. Motoko skin or switchblade skin. Nice to see an epic arctic .50 for once. Seems like it's been awhile and it takes me back to og days. Cool to see kitsune too. Hopefully something involving her and stitch will come to fruition. Def want that togusa skin too. Damn. CODM putting the time in and pumping out quality๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™n ninja mains praise God. We get a third grapple hook when upgrading in br๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ also, kn44 is hitting just as hard as the kilo in mp ranked. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  3. bro i heards that accounts are getting banned for 10 years on emulator s(gameloop is also not safer anymore)…๐Ÿ™plz mention this and ask codm to not do that because a huge community plays on gameloop๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  4. let's put likes write comments and promote this vidos in the rivers and I have such a request who can give a battle pass for season 6 Call of Duty Mobile

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