Scum How To Cook Food Scum Starter Guide

Scum – How To Cook Food – Scum Starter Guide (New Survival Game)

Scum Starter Guideline / Scum starter suggestions, This video clip will present you how to craft in scum and how to cook in scum, i set this alongside one another to exhibit you how to craft in scum when you very first begin out to boost what you can have and protect oneself rapidly. This Scum tutorial is one of quite a few i will be accomplishing about the scum crafting and scum strategies for the video game. i will consider and do as a lot of scum newcomers guides as ai can to aid you get into the video game. i hope this scum tutorial allows you master the activity, continue to keep an eye out for far more scum newbies guides

this clip is uncooked scum gameplay footage of the very best place to locate scum loot and it was the airfield for us, Scum activity is an approaching survival video game shortly to be released on steam, the scum launch date is now set to August 2018, scum price tag will be £20 so i desired to appear further into the recreation and the survival mechanics that stands it out from the rest. Scum is severely in-depth with the smallest of items taken into thought but is it too in-depth for the regular participant that likes survival online games?
all the scum gameplay is taken direct from the scum internet site which i recommend you appear by way too see it all a lot more in-depth

if you failed to know Scum is a contestant dependent activity wherever you contend for fame and to become the most valuable participant. you will also look to degree up your attributes as you endure for a longer period in the sport.

SCUM is an open-environment survival game with unparalleled levels of character customization, regulate, and progression.
Understanding and talent are your supreme weapons for lengthy-term survival.

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46 thoughts on “Scum – How To Cook Food – Scum Starter Guide (New Survival Game)”

  1. Why the fuck did you skip the part where you put meat on skewer. I've been stuck on that, and you're trying to make a guide yet completely skip over a part many people struggle on. An essential part, too.

  2. bro can u make a video on how to use the wooden box? i crafted 1 but i don't know how to put stuffs inside, no option appear when i look at the box, i have try every possible way i can think of still i do not see anything

  3. Im holding the skewer with meat in my hand, but when I hold F on the fire, the option to cook is greyed out, any ideas?

  4. Don't do that campfire with gun powder, it's more effective when you make your own ammo, you can kill a zombie with one spear headshot and cut his clothings you're gonna get dirty rags you can do with it this way is much easier.

  5. Thank you so much!!! So now I realise I've been eating raw meat off these skewers I thought it was vicinity based like you could just place the skwew next to the fire omfggg thank you, and the stone knife! Thought it was two large stones gunna save me so much time thank you

  6. I DID EXACtly what u said and i picked up the skewer with meat but when i right click it there is no eat option, and i cant place it back on the fire either,

  7. they need to add ai and give clothes more space. i find it to be a running sim where u constantly have to stop for food and water without seeing anything and then when u finally get somewhere u loot a few things tht r useless to u atm and most things cant even fit and than u need more food and water. boring as heeelllll and the throwing of spears feels really unsatisfying and throws to slow its like trying to direct hit some1 with a grenade in pubg and u cant adjust small while its in ur hand after releasing.

  8. How do I get my energy up fast..?

    Also is there any way I can make dirty rags into clean ones ..I have a wound as I’m typing this..I’m slowly dying 😂

  9. Has anybody tried making a metal sword? I have all of the materials and it’s not green behind it but for some reason it won’t let me craft. What am I missing

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