Looking for really filling high protein meals and snacks for

School is starting soon…. What’s the some healthy, easy breakfasts for kids? N…

School is starting soon….

What’s the some healthy, easy breakfasts for kids? Not much time to cook in the morning so looking for something fast. Trying to stay away from toaster waffles and stuff like that ( yes, they get that once and awhile but don’t want that to be all). Not much freezer space so making ahead a freezing isn’t much of any option. Maybe something that keeps for a couple of days in the refrigerator. Thanks!!

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  1. Breakfast casseroles and overnight oats keep well in the fridge for about 4 days. Both reheat pretty well too.

  2. Jeannie Bubier Negley

    2 things we do: crescent rolls, wrapped around a sausage link, a little shredded cheese & maybe a heaping tsp of scrambled egg. Cook as crescent rolls say, can be stored in fridge & microwaved.
    Breakfast burritos: scramble up a doz eggs, cook crumbled sausage, add a few T each, top with shredded cheese & roll up. I do 12-14 at a time & wrap in wax paper. I do freeze but they all fit in a gallon ziploc so dont take too much room in the freezer

  3. Tammy Underwood Sullivan

    Precook bacon and sausage. Once cool put in zip lock baggies. It is good for 3 days. You can just cook eggs to go with it or put on a croissant for a sandwich. Peanut butter toast. Oatmeal. Fresh fruit with cottage cheese. Yogurt parfait with fruit, nuts and granola. Cereal. Muffins. Flavored bagels with cream cheese.

  4. Paige Marie May

    Make oatmeal and have it set as a base. Microwave and add honey and banana, choc chips, fruit, yogurt, etc.

  5. All can be made ahead and will keep for several days. Breakfast casserole. Homemade breakfast sandwiches. Sausage and broccoli crescent casserole. Baked oatmeal. Overnight oats. Breakfast burritos. French toast casserole.

  6. Homemade banana bread topped w cinnamon, sliced to fit in toaster, buttered & served with an assorted fruit cup. YUM

  7. Savannah Fortner

    Bananas with peanut butter wrapped in tortilla or rolled in Rice Krispies, pre make pancakes and just freeze then microwave! Egg bites made in muffin tins add what you want like a omelet

  8. Make breakfast quiches . Pour in muffin pans. Make a dozen at a time. Freeze take out what you need and put in microwave

  9. Premake pancakes and waffles and freeze them. You can make healthy ones and then toss then in the toaster or microwave!

  10. Debbie Fortman White

    Take sausage and cook and drain. Set aside. Make scrambled eggs with cubed peppers (I use red and green peppers) diced onions. Cooke that all together and the put egg and sausage in a flour taco shell. Then place a slice of cheese. I brake it in half. Then fold into a burrito form. I wrap in press n seal and stick in the freezer. This is an easy on the go breakfast or lunch.

  11. Donna Tuttle Ham

    Frozen multigrain waffle toasted with peanut butter , frozen sausage pancake on a stick , oatmeal, grits , cheese toast, peanut butter toast , cheese qusadillia, ham and cheese roll up , yogurt and fruit ,

  12. Jennifer Sellars

    How about pancakes? The battery stays fine in a sealed tub in the fridge.. and only takes a few mins to cook. I crnt flip big ones.. but recently thought.. why not just make them smaller and flip with a spatula.. voilà I can now do pancakes lol. I add food colouring in sometimes too. X

  13. Waffles or pancakes that you can make shred in batches n microwave? Cook up a couple pkg bacon n reheat in microwave.
    There a bunch of breakfast casseroles I want to try on Pinterest. Reheat n go.
    Cook up a pan or two of biscuits n some sausage patties. Reheat. Breakfast burritos n reheat!
    Overnight oats.
    Yogurt layered with fruit n granola.
    Make up quiche and bake. Good warmed up or cold. Make breakfast pizza ahead n reheat.
    Oven grilled cheese.
    Eggs n toast. Grits n butter. Oatmeal n fruit.
    Canned corned beef hash with eggs fried in middle. Sausage Gravy n biscuits.

  14. Melissa Bugatti

    My kid eats yogurt (the kind with candy on top🤷🏻‍♀️)
    Or hot fudge sundae pop tarts.

    Occasionally I will pick up bagels and he will eat an everything toasted with butter.
    Sometimes he eats waffles.

    And that’s about it.

    He will not eat oatmeal , muffins , eggs (maybe twice a year he will eat those)

  15. Jessica Hurst Turcsanski

    Breakfast burritos with scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese, even hashbrowns. They would stay good in the fridge for few days. Freezes really well. Microwave to eat.

  16. Peanut butter toast, yogurt with fruit, oatmeal, boiled eggs, cheese and crackers with apples, hummus with corn chips and veggies

  17. I use to meal prep breakfast bowls with scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes and salsa. I separated them so I could have one each morning of the week. My kids ended up loving them but without the potatoes.

  18. Robin Welter Buendiger

    Overnight oats
    *1/3 cup oats
    *1/2 cup milk
    *squirt of honey
    *1 spoonful of cheesecake jello
    *splash of vanilla creamer, optional
    *frozen mixed berries on top, just a few
    Lid on tight & in fridge overnight!
    My daughter has been loving this!
    There are other overnight oat recipes but this one is our go to!

  19. Jennifer Martin

    Overnight oats. There’s some really good recipes on food network you prep for a few days. They are filling and so yummy my fav is applesauce and peanut butter

  20. Yogurt, fruit and granola parfaits…egg cups…breakfast burritos…boiled eggs, avocado toast and fruit salad…overnight oats. You can add nuts, seeds, dried fruit, honey, brown sugar, coconut, fresh fruit, mini chocolate chips, canned fruit…bagel sandwich with cream cheese and deli turkey or PBJ or peanutbutter and banana/strawberries or cream cheese and fruit or jam…

  21. You can make egg muffins – add sausage, bacon ,cheese, whatever you like with a scramble egg mix, pour in muffin tin and bake – last a few days in the fridge. Pop in the mic for 30 seconds – 1min.

  22. My kids often ate leftovers from last night’s dinner. They liked breakfast food, but not in the mornings…weird like me!

  23. Breakfast cookies are easy and fun. Lots of good recipes online. My kids usually just eat instant oatmeal, cereal, toast, toaster waffles, pop tarts, yogurt with granola. Sometimes we get sausage pancake on a stick for a fun microwave breakfast. I usually do bigger breakfast on weekends.

  24. Brittney Patrick

    I make homemade McGriddles. I got these little circle mold things from Amazon (4” & 3” I think? 2 of each)
    Make pancake mix & put in the larger ones. Cook for about a minute then drizzle some syrup into it. Continue cooking until mostly done then remove rings & flip

    Put eggs in the smaller ones with a little pepper or salt or whatever you like. Cook till almost done & remove rings & flip & put some cheese on top & cover with a lid to melt

    I do them in 2 separate pans so I can do it at the same time. Then I get the microwave bacon & either microwave or throw in whatever pan I’m done with first from the above

    Assemble, let cool, wrap in a paper towel then plastic wrap. Or can put all in one big container. But they have to be completely cooled or they will condensate & get soggy

    Then when you’re ready to eat them just put them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so & done

    Takes me about 30? Minutes to make 6 of them

  25. Pancakes! Mix with their fav fruit like strawberry , blueberry or mine like syrup, just don’t add as much water or milk then add syrup, make a bunch of mini ones and put in ziploc bags then pop in microwave for 30 to 45 secs in the morning

  26. Charity Fiddler

    I use to have a jar with cheerios, pretzels marshmallows, chocolate chips, nuts raisins etc they could eat along the way they didn’t want cereal after 10 yrs old

  27. Egg bites/egg muffins last a few days, i usually do make a bunch and freeze. We do 6 eggs, a cup of cottage cheese, ham or bacon, 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese, and spinach.

  28. My kids eat a lot of cream of wheat. Super easy to make, it only takes a couple
    Of minutes and you can put whatever kind of flavor in it you want. I use cinnamon and brown sugar. Also, bagels and cream cheese. I try to stay away from super sugary cereals and stuff like that, but they like granola cereal.

  29. Angela Kniffen-Hall

    French toast. Pop it in the toaster to reheat. I do this for my daughter. She loves it. Make enough for 3 or 4 days on sunday.

  30. Fruit cups string cheese individual cereala pop tarts microwave packets of differant flavor oatmeal. Mini muffins little package of donuts. Yogurt. Have a rushed morning they can have some quuck things to choose from

  31. I premake breakfast burritos, pancakes, french toast – pop in the toaster, oven or microwave in the AM 🙂 overnight oats are good too.

  32. Gwen Gentry Teague

    Cereal, instant oatmeal, cheese toast, yogurt, mini muffins. I also make ahead breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches (eggs and bacon) and freeze them individually in baggies, and then place as many as I can fit into gallon freezer bags. If you decide to make the sandwiches for the freezer, split and freeze the English muffins first. Cook the eggs and bacon and let them cool. After the muffins are frozen, assemble the sandwiches. That keeps the muffins from getting soggy when you cook them.

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