Ok so ppl that make Spaghetti sauce from scratch… I

School is about to start again and I’m trying to make a list of like 30 minute m…

School is about to start again and I’m trying to make a list of like 30 minute meals or favorite dump and go dishes ? I have instant pot, crockpot, and air fryer. We don’t eat seafood and I am SO bored with the usual tacos, pasta, baked chicken, pizza, etc.

thank for the original creator Sarah Nickerson

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  1. – [ ] Crock pot brisket
    – [ ] Bean and chz burritos
    – [ ] Shake n bake chkn air fryer
    – [ ] Chkn nuggets with fries
    – [ ] French onion soup with grilled/baked chkn
    – [ ] French onion left over for lunch with grilled chz
    – [ ] Spaghetti
    – [ ] Fettuccini Alfredo
    – [ ] Pasta fagiole soup (my version ) left over for lunch
    – [ ] Vegetable beef stew
    – [ ] Whole chkn crock pot
    – [ ] TikTok Porkchops with ranch cream mushroom crock pot
    – [ ] Beef fajita/ left over for salad
    – [ ] Grilled/baked chkn with baked potato & salad
    – [ ] Hot dogs with fresh fruit n veggies
    – [ ] Hamburgers
    – [ ] Leftover hamburgers with brown gravy
    – [ ] Homemade pizzas
    – [ ] Cauliflower buffalo bites
    – [ ] Teryaki stir fry beef/chkn
    – [ ] Jack Daniels steak
    – [ ] Honey mustard chkn
    – [ ] Lemon pepper chkn
    – [ ] Bbq chkn
    – [ ] TikTok orange chkn
    – [ ] TikTok 6 ingredient chkn crock pot dinner
    – [ ] Fend for yourself:ramen,rice a roni, ravioli sandwich
    – [ ] Tiktok garlic steak bites crock pot
    – [ ] TikTok chkn n rice crock pot
    – [ ] TikTok cube steak crock pot
    – [ ] TikTok savory chkn crock pot

    I literally made my list for meals a couple days ago. I can share any recipes if you want them

  2. We love the copycat kfc bowls in our house. Takes 10 minutes, with instant potato’s, air fried popcorn chicken Exc. Currently eating it now 😋

  3. You could pre make and just bake when you get home

    Green chkn spinach enchilada

    Olive oil
    1 onion
    4 jalapeños (optional)
    2 7oz cans chopped green chilies (or fresh)
    2 cans old El Paso green chili enchilada sauce.
    1 8oz tub sour cream (1/2 cup)
    1 clove of garlic (I heaping tablespoon)
    1/2 teaspoon cumin
    1/4 teaspoon chili powder
    10 cups fresh spinach
    2lbs cooked shredded chkn.
    A large bag Monterey Jack chz
    A large bag of cheddar chz
    Flour tortillas burrito size

    Pre heat oven 375. In a large oiled skillet sauté onion andf japs. When softened i add in the garlic and cooked chkn then add in the spinach until it is cooked down/wilted. Add in cumin and chili powder and salt to taste. I’d suggest just a pinch. Remove from heat and add in sour cream and green chilies. Mix. In baking dish spray with Pam and pour half a can of green chili sauce on the bottom. Place a tortilla and put chkn spinach mixture inside the tortilla. Sprinkle mixture of both cheeses. Roll up like a burrito and place seam side down in pan. Repeat until mixture is gone. Pour the entire full can of green chili sauce on top of the rolled up tortillas sprinkle with a mixture of both cheeses. Remember for cheese use as much or little as you’d like. Bake uncovered at 375 for 20-30 min until chz is browning and sauce is bubbling.

  4. Raquelle Wedell

    Pound of chicken (breast or thighs (boneless/skinless))
    1 bottle sweet teriyaki sauce
    1 onion cut up
    bag of frozen broccoli
    Chopped garlic (I don’t measure I just add)
    Good pinch of brown sugar (optional)

    Put everything in crockpot except broccoli. Cook on low for 6 hours. Last 30 mins or 30 mins before serving add broccoli and make some rice. I usually slice chicken when done if it’s breast if not I just serve a whole thigh over rice, top with sauce from crockpot and some green onion if I have them

  5. Green crock pot chkn
    Chkn breast’s
    1 jar Hernandez green salsa (any brand of your fav salsa will work)
    Green chilies (optional)
    Taco seasoning or fajita seasoning

    Rub chkn with seasoning Toss all ingredients in crock pot cook as usual low for 6-8 hours high 4 hours.

    Shreds nicely for tacos quesadillas a salad can use left overs for enchiladas. I like to make extra on purpose to have left overs for other meals

  6. Whole chicken
    Rosemary thyme salt pepper garlic.

    Stuff butter under skin. Rub with seasoning. Crock pot on low all day.

    Can also use lemon pepper. Stuff/rub lemon pepper and butter under skin and outside and crock pot low all day

  7. Orange chicken made with breaded chicken, orange marmalade, bbq sauce. Serve order rice with side of green beans or broccoli seasoned with soy sauce

  8. General Tsaos Spicy Chicken
    2.5-3lbs Chkn chunks
    1 bottles Franks Sweet Chili Sauce
    1/2-1 tspSugar
    Jalapenos (optional for some spice)
    Frozen chopped broccoli, shredded carrots, red bell pepper, onion any veggies really that you want.

    I used unbreaded frozen chkn chunks for simplicity. (Raw chkn chunks or precooked shredded chkn work too) Put some oil in the skillet and cook chicken up as normal with the veggies. I added 2 jalapeños and cooked it with the chkn bc I like spicy foods. Pour a bottle (we used 2) of the Franks sweet chili sauce over and sprinkle a little bit of sugar and simmer For just 5-10min

    I did boil in a bag white rice cooked as box directed

  9. Angel Chicken
    6 boneless chkn breasts
    1/2 cup butter
    1 (1oz)pack of dry Italian dressing mix
    1 (10.5 oz) can of cream of mushroom soup
    1/2 cup chkn broth
    1 (8oz) carton/tub of cream cheese with onions and chives

    Dump all in crock pot cook on low.

    Serve on noodles or eat chkn by itself. So good. Optional package of noodles
    Cook noodles according to package.

  10. Crock pot “carnitas” (I feel like I should clarify these are not really carnitas, but they are still tasty):
    1-2 cheap pork tenderloin
    1 white onion
    1 jar of green salsa (I use herdez

    Low for 8-10 hrs or high for 5-6 hrs.

    Pull the pork after its tender.

    I use this as a prep dish and serve it as quesadillas, tacos, Mexican bowls (with rice or cauliflower rice), etc

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